Zoom’s guide to social etiquette

“As each person appears, I’ll name them,” Bevins explains. “Hi Bryan, good to see you. How are things going?”

And, host or not, make sure you also give personal attention when you go.

“Take as much time when you leave a group as when you join the group. Don’t just say ‘Oh, I’m out now’ and hit ‘End meeting’, ”Zablith explains. “Take a minute to say, ‘Jennifer, John’ – so I find John on the screen – ‘John, it was really nice chatting with you. Robert, over there – really great meeting you.” That way you let them feel recognized, but it also makes you look a little more distinguished. ”

Learn the art of taking a break

Another extremely confusing thing about Zoom parties: everyone has to speak one at a time. There is no chance that small groups will form organically, that ambient jokes will fill a room, or that guests will speak simultaneously and asynchronously. The whole group, regardless of size, can only listen to one person at a time.

Be aware of this and be comfortable with it. “It’s good to have these quiet spaces,” says Bevins. “Other [guests] can just sit and listen for a while. It’s a completely different dynamic than everyone else being “we”.

This is why it is essential to put pauses in your speech, especially since slow internet speeds or strange sound can mean that it is easy for someone to talk to someone else, drowning what he has to say to the group.

“If the internet is a little sleazy, you have these intermittent signals. If I keep rambling and the other person starts, there’s that delay, ”Zablith explains. “Incorporate these pauses into your conversation. ”

If you find yourself in a polite contest with someone who is speaking at the same time as you – “no, go ahead” – try using Zoom’s “raise your hand” feature, or try using Zoom again. this side cat.

“If you start talking to someone and it turns into a war of politeness, notice in the chat that the other person can go ahead with their ideas,” Bevins explains. “You can then write your idea in the chat, so that your thinking is not lost. The moderator can come back to your point and make sure your ideas are heard.

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