Zhengzhou man’s kindness helps feed families of cancer patients

Henan TV

A screenshot from the Henan TV report shows people preparing meals in the shared kitchen for their friends and family in the Henan Cancer Hospital.

A man from Zhengzhou, capital of central China’s Henan Province, runs a communal kitchen near the Henan Cancer Hospital to help patients’ family members prepare meals and has not risen prices for six years, Henan TV reported Tuesday.

Anyone who uses the kitchen pays only 5 yuan (77 US cents), while all cooking utensils, seasonings and flour are free, according to the report.

The kitchen also offers free porridge and mung bean soup to those in financial difficulty. “If you have any difficulty, you can eat for free,” said Zhang Guangbing, owner of the kitchen.

More than 200 people use the shared kitchen every day, but the modest profits for an extended period have made it difficult to maintain operations.

“We only made a profit of around 1,000 yuan last year, but to be honest, it’s a drop in the ocean,” Zhang said.

According to a follow-up report from Henan TV, many internet users have contacted the kitchen, which is expected to be renovated to serve more families in the future.

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