White Pine teenager wins national call for kindness competition local news

A teenager from White Pine has won the national call-to-kindness competition.

Jadyn Cotner, 15, and the White Pine Boys & Girls Club Torch Club, won the nationwide Appeal for Kindness competition sponsored by the Riley Way Foundation that challenges teens to apply for grants that fund initiatives that strengthen their communities and inspire kindness.

Project Hope is a community service project designed to help abused women by providing them with basic necessities in the form of personal care bags and pet care bags. With funds from the Riley Way Foundation, members connect with local shelters to fight domestic violence to provide them with personal care bags containing personal hygiene products, toiletries and COVID-19 PPE .

They will also provide local domestic violence shelters with pet care bags containing pet food, pet shampoo and a pet toy.

Finally, members will also work with domestic violence shelters to organize a virtual briefing led by local staff from domestic violence shelters to teach members how domestic violence shelters operate and how they are working to help. the community.

The National Kindness Appeal Contest builds on the work of Riley Way to empower young leaders to use kindness and empathy to create meaningful connections and drive positive change in the world. Riley Way has awarded 22 inspiring teens across the country up to $ 3,000 each to fund their projects. In addition to the funding, Jadyn will join the Riley Way Kind Leadership Series, which includes mentoring, professional development and peer learning.

“Teens across the country are leading the charge to make the world a better place,” said Dr. Christine O’Connell, CEO of Riley Way. “With all the uncertainty in the world today, intentional kindness and empathy matter more than ever. Call to Kindness Fellows are shining examples of caring leadership, and their stories inspire us all to be better at one another. “

“I am very grateful to have this opportunity to help others in my community through Project Hope,” said Jadyn.

Jadyn is president of the White Pine Boys & Girls Club Torch Club and the 2021 Call for Kindness winner.

“Today, more than ever, we all need a purpose in our lives,” said Ian Sandler, co-founder of Riley Way. “At Riley Way, we find purpose in supporting the next generation of kind leaders by providing them with the infrastructure and support needed to make lasting change in their communities. We were incredibly inspired by the flood of applications and by all of the 2020 Call for Kindness winners. ”

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