Which dog reality TV show would win the best show?

The athleticism of agility events plus the drama of competition-reality programming.

Photo: David Scott Holloway / Amazon Studios

As Fantastic race but with human-dog duets. Competitors travel to places such as Costa Rica and Switzerland to compete for cash prizes, some of which will be awarded to canine charities of their choice.. Derring-do feats like sleigh expeditions and whitewater rafting come with more wacky challenges, including one in which dogs serve as waiters on a cruise ship and swing plates on their backs. The pack was canceled after a season – which might or might not be because leak of non-broadcast footage showing dogs in distress in a climbing scene, leading PETA to complain. (Amazon refused that dogs were injured or that PETA had something to do with their decision.)

Photo: Collin Erie / A&E

In this series of obstacle courses like American Ninja Warrior, dogs and their owners compete on land, in water and on zip lines (!) in timed challenges. Each episode has two man-dog teams from each of the three categories – working dogs (therapy, hunting, breeding), underdogs (pets), and K-9 (cop-dog duos) – but it is often skewed towards the Ks. -9: Dogs may have to sniff out a hidden substance or attack a human with body padding. However, the show does not deal with how police dog attacks result in thousands of hospitalizations each year, police take little responsibility for these attacks, and studies in cities such as LA show that most of the victims are people of color. Pure propaganda.

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