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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Barring bad weather, the 300 block of South Vine Street on the west side of town will be loaded with traffic, people and noise this weekend for what neighbors call an ” chips ”which is held in one of the residents’ courtyards.

The city has come here twice to investigate, but inspections have taken place during the week, with nothing happening.

“It’s like a variety store, I call it a flea market. It’s not a garage sale, ”said Bill Howard, who can barely handle the weekends these days and says the city is not helping. “Nobody will do anything.”

Just before 7 a.m. on most weekend mornings, trucks and trailers loaded with goods are unloaded onto waiting tables and tents in the front yard of the house. Howard started taking pictures and filed at least one complaint with the Department of Business and Neighborhood Services.

“It started every two months, every month, something like that. Then that expanded to a few times a month, ”Howard said. “I think at the end of last year it was about three times a month, whenever the weather permitted. This year, whenever it’s a nice weekend, you can expect it.

Caesar Perez lives in the house that holds the sale.

He said he made a living selling a variety of goods not only in his backyard, but in flea markets. Perez said he holds a garage sale when the weather is nice, but not every weekend.

“It is illegal for a person to hold or authorize the holding of more than two (2) garage sales at the same location in the same calendar year,” reads a Marion County ordinance regulating garage and garage sales.

A spokesperson for the Department of Business & Neighborhood Services sent a statement to I-Team 8.

We will send an inspector to check the property and make sure any unauthorized activity is not taking place. In order to issue a violation, we are required to obtain photos of the current violation.

If the owner sells items that are not personal tangible property, therefore items purchased in bulk for resale, this is not considered a garage sale. However, these types of sales are not allowed in residential areas and the owner would be assessed a violation.

Department of Business and Neighborhood Services

Howard says he endured months of parking in his yard, the street blocked by traffic and a constant flow of people, noise and trash left in his yard. He’s ready to give up the house and move on.

“I’m going to sell my house,” Howard said. “I am tired.”

Howard told I-Team 8 that cars parked outside his house by people attending the garage sale / flea market prevented the Postal Service from delivering the mail and on more than one occasion he was forced to cross his own yard to go to the street

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