WATCH: Tucker Carlson wishes MSNBC a happy birthday, “may all the kindness you spread keep coming back to you”

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Tucker Carlson trolled MSNBC on his Fox News show Thursday night in a monologue celebrating the network’s 25th anniversarye anniversary. “It’s hard to believe, especially for those of us who remember the day he was born. And yet, even at this old age, there are a lot of misconceptions about MSNBC.”

Carlson began by poking fun at the theory that Joe Scarborough was responsible for the death of an aide two decades ago and was blamed for it by former President Trump. “The first is that all of its hosts have been accused by a sitting president of murdering a young woman in a congressional office. It is not true. It is a myth. And we would like to dispel it once and for all. all now. “

Carlson continued: “The second misconception about MSNBC is that it has always been kind of a revolutionary left-wing Leon Trotsky TV, and that is not true either. From its earliest hours, MSNBC was a project. purely corporate. MS stands for Microsoft, NBC for what was then a division of General Electric. So the chain started out as a merger of business titans, and basically it’s still just a big HR department. Presidential elections of 2004, the geniuses of the programming bureau decided to pivot and make MSNBC more populist or something. They weren’t sure exactly what they wanted, but they still hired a new presenter at peak hours. listen. “

Tucker then played a flashback of himself on the network calling Collin Powell. “Now will you look back three years since the press was a little more vigilant in asking questions about the invasion of Iraq in the lead-up to it. Like, are we sure there are these stocks of ADM that we use to justify war? How do you know they’re there? What exactly are you talking about Mr. Powell about in your speech? Wouldn’t you have liked the press to be a little harsher than that? “

Tucker smiled at the clip before continuing, “Now honestly that’s pretty convincing. But in the end, it wasn’t enough. The guy you just saw was fired for low grades. replaced by an emotionally stunted agoraphobic baseball card collector who were mom’s jeans at the office and wrote Florence scripts with too many adjectives, Mr. Keith Olbermann, ladies and gentlemen, and keep in mind, the L is silent. But it was too volatile and the arrangement to last. And before long, the Network star grabbed her mom jeans and returned to her Honus Wagner cards in her dismal Midtown apartment. But MSNBC itself has stayed and its evolution has continued, like puppies all TV channels are cute when they are little. The problem is, you never know what they’re going to grow up to be. “

Carlson continued, “So what is MSNBC now? Well, yes, it’s the Hutu radio network, which is racing, the fear of mobilizing the bad guys. Here is the new main presenter of the channel. shouting, again, about those evil whites, “referring to Joy Reid.

Carlson then played a clip from Reid’s show. “And so here we are, again conservatively, at least among a certain cohort of whites now rooting themselves in the idea that even during a pandemic these screaming men and women have a God-given right to make their roots and to order a steak out of the restaurant and hit the golf course in the bar. And that these rights, which they claim to have been conferred by God. Demanding a disproportionately black and brown workforce to return to work, to take over the job. flying and risking death in order to serve them and make them their lives comfortable. “

Carlson commented on the clip, “Streaming that shit 24 hours a day, shades of kill golly, 94. We regret to inform you that tomorrow will be killed with our families. It’s pretty ugly, but we’re going to rise to the top. over tonight and wish the woman you just saw, as well as the former flack of Jeb Bush, the Rachel Maddow impersonator, and very sincerely Rachel Maddow herself, a very happy birthday. “

“And we will do it with maximum cultural imperialism. As the Irish say on occasions like this, may your life be full of joy and health, and your pocket full of gold be the least of your wealth, May the dreams you have my dear. Be the ones that come true. They have all the kindness that you have spread. Keep coming back to you. Happy Birthday, MSNBC. “

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