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people who are angry With President Joe Biden’s decision to partially relieve college loan debt many of our fellow Americans should keep in mind that no one is fully and completely relieved of their college debt. Alleviating $10,000 or $20,000 of debt just gives people a bit of a break. Easing some of the crushing burden of this debt on the people who carry it is for the good of all of us, as it allows them to participate more fully in the economy. Having so much debt at a young age means you can’t save and invest for your future retirement home. You have to put off getting married until later, and when you get married, you have to put off having children until later. And put off buying a house. The single most important way for most people to build wealth is to buy a home. If you can’t do it in your lifetime, or if you have to postpone it until your quarantine. You will reach retirement age in a very degraded financial condition. It’s not good for any of us or the nation.

George, south side

I love and have lived in Chicago all my long life. If Ted Slowik loved Chicago and wasn’t a Democratic lemming, he’d have to admit that Darren Bailey’s “Hellhole” assessment of Chicago is a fact. We can all see the problem, but the Democrats can only miss the reality. They deny facts, dismiss reality, avoid accusations against them, blame something or someone else, or scare people into believing/voting for them. This is the “DRABS” party.

RHS, oak forest

JK from Tinley Park, horrific floods and devastating weather events have been part of climate history since they were recorded. Climate change was a major hoax. It’s a ploy. How about Al Gore preaching that the world was going to end how many years ago, but it didn’t? And who is using massive amounts of energy on their domain? And Al Gore is another who flies around in his private jet, but it’s okay because he has a schedule to be important. I really take a kick out of all the hotshots flying around in these climate summits, each on their own, with no regard for the environment. Here is an idea. Why doesn’t someone ask for an account of the huge sums of money that are being funneled into these climate change and climate control projects? Perhaps that is why some of these proposals have been blocked.

Maddie, Orland Park


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