Ubisoft updates the list of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla issues to fix in a future update

If you still work for these Assassin’s Creed Achievements of Valhalla, you may have encountered bugs or issues with quest progress during your game. Valhalla is a great game, but there are still a number of issues to be resolved. Fortunately, Ubisoft recently updated the list of known issues for the game and outlines which will be fixed in a future update, while promising more information about upcoming fixes for the game soon.

the Message on the Ubisoft forum lists issues that will be fixed in a future update, and it looks like the update will fix a number of progress issues. Several quests cause issues and prevent players from continuing, but the clues and puzzles, war weariness, a glitch, installation and brewing rebellion should all be fixed in a future update. However, there are still a number of progression blocking quests that are still listed as “under investigation” including A Brother’s Keeper, Taken for Granted, The Seas of Fate, A Rivalry for the Ages, Road to Hamartia, In Absence of an Ealdorman, and the great finish. Additionally, it seems that some quests have more than one issue. For example, this future update should fix the issue with the A Sword-Shower quest in Anecastre where you get stuck after making an engagement, but an issue where a key character isn’t moving has yet to be resolved. Likewise, the Walls and Shadows quest bug where the cutscene does not start correctly will be fixed in the update, but the objective not updating issue is still being investigated.

This future update will also fix the issue that prevented players from interacting with NPCs in colonies, as well as fixing a number of encounters and ensuring that fish will spawn correctly. A few issues seem to have arisen after the 1.1.0 update, such as the inability to travel fast and the wrong number of arrows spawning in Eivor’s quiver, and this future update is expected to fix those as well. You can view the full list of known issues, including those that have been fixed and those that are still under investigation, on the page Message on the Ubisoft forum, and we’ll keep you posted when the fix is ​​underway.

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