Try SPF 50 Self-Adjusting Foundation with Culler Beauty


Lifestyle consultant Annette Figueroa spoke with Studio 512 co-host Stephanie Gilbert about Culler Beauty’s self-adjusting foundation.

There are so many foundations on the market, what makes Culler Beauty so different?

“There are so many choices when it comes to foundation coverage. Culler Beauty is a self-adjusting foundation designed to naturally adapt to your skin tone. When you apply Culler Beauty Foundation, the Secret Color Beads release the formula with SPF 50 and natural silicates that keep your skin fresh and safe from sun damage.

We all need to be careful with sun exposure during the day, tell us about Culler Beauty’s SPF.

“This formula contains SPF 50 sun protection. Culler Beauty helps conceal your existing sun spots and helps prevent new ones from forming. We’ve found a way to provide you with powerful sun protection in a super lightweight non-greasy foundation, and for an even better finish, we recommend using Culler Beauty Self-Adjusting Foundation with our primer.

Why do you suggest people use this primer with Culler Beauty foundation?

“This primer is a primer that minimizes pores and nourishes your skin. Culler Beauty has clinically studied peptides to visibly reduce the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles. It’s also loaded with ceramides, peptides, and vitamin C to give you truly flawless looking skin. You don’t have to use it together, but it’s on sale now when you purchase the “Ultimate Beauty Pack” and if you have hard-to-conceal pores it is a game-changer for you. “

Call 1-800-813-0252 today to order your Culler Beauty Self-Adjusting Foundation. You will receive an additional $ 10 discount when you call today, along with a free eyelash enhancer and free shipping. Visit to learn more.

This segment is paid for by Culler Beauty and is intended as an advertisement. The opinions expressed by guests on this program are solely those of the guests and are not endorsed by this television station.

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