True Botanicals CMO Rebecca Boston on Rebranding Clean Beauty as “Sensual” – Glossy

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True Botanicals Marketing Director Rebecca Boston’s work in the fashion industry took her to beauty, and then, more specifically, to clean skin care. Boston was motivated to take on the role of True Botanicals after working at Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty due to the opportunity for a ‘brand refresh’.

“There was no beauty brand of its own that made a woman feel like herself, sultry,” Boston said on the latest Glossy Beauty podcast. “We have to do a better job of showing that a clean beauty brand can do it for you.”

But Boston’s passion for beauty began even before she worked in the marketing and social media industry for Fenty Beauty and Ole Henrickson. As a child, she traveled frequently due to her parents’ work with nonprofits, Boston said. “I grew up being exposed to all types of beauty,” she said. “I recognized the need in marketing and advertising for more people to see [the diversity of beauty for] themselves.”

True Botanicals’ skin-care campaign starring Olivia Wilde, in which she posed nude, as well as her sexier Instagram feed is a testament to the brand’s portrayal of diverse beauty. It also shows its transition from ‘granola [and] crunchy ”to“ bright ”and“ sensual ”.

Over the next few months, Boston plans to focus on launching new products and “filling in the gaps in our assortment”. She also wants “[bring] about new people who will help us reach new audiences and new age groups, ”she said. “Once someone uses one of our products, they add more and more, and they want their entire skin care routine to be True Botanicals. “

Boston spoke to Glossy about Olivia Wilde’s recent campaign, her plan to get people’s attention to the brand, and the current demands of a marketing director role. The condensed excerpts from the conversation below have been edited slightly for clarity.

On the “repackaging” of True Botanicals
“When I met True Botanicals founder Hillary Peterson and discovered the brand, I was blown away. Hillary was determined to make using a safe and sustainable skincare brand irresistible to everyone, making products that are clinically proven to be more effective than most leading products. When I looked at the mark I have [thought] what he needed right now was some help in presenting himself in a way that caught people’s attention. I [thought], ‘There is potential here. This brand is amazing. It needs to be repackaged so that everyone listens to what they have to say.

Develop an authentic brand-influencer connection
“Consumers are more and more savvy about ingredients, and they are also becoming more savvy about authenticity and [knowing] if a brand represents what it [says it] represented. [Partnerships] between a brand and the digital influencers or famous influencers they partner with only succeed if those connections are truly genuine. That’s why all of our influencer and celebrity partnerships started with a celebrity reaching out to us first. We wait for celebrities to slip into our DMs and tell us how much they love our Renew Pure Radiance Oil, and ask us to send them a package. We wait to see who loves us and also how they live their lives and what they represent. Consumers can see through if [there is no authenticity] Nowadays.”

The importance of intuition
“The gut is just as important as ever. We’ve done something amazing with our “Sustainability is Sexy” campaign with Olivia Wilde, and there’s no data telling us to do it. This marked [an] important moment in the movement of clean and sustainable consumption. It came from the intestine. And then we followed it up with some great performance marketing ads, and it all works together. I’ve heard people suggest that marketing managers now need to focus only on analytics and no longer need to be creative. I do not agree. Now we have to find the unicorns that can do both. It’s difficult, but that’s what the role demands today.

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