Triona McCarthy on How to Prepare Your Beauty Arsenal to Return to the Outside World

My bad habits lead to late nights, uneven skin tone. “Oh yeah, I’m an undiscovered award-winning lyricist – in my mind – with my versh from Ed Sheeran’s song, Bad Habits. Earworms aside, let’s talk about bad skin care habits. . This fall is a great time to hit reset and get back to better habits (especially since it coincides with the lifting of restrictions). There are things we are all guilty of, including using dirty makeup brushes. , not drinking enough water and not catching up on our restful sleep. Guilty as charged. But the worst bad habits are those that make us believe that we are doing the right thing. Ha-ha – I have your attention now ! Take a scrub. It can be tempting to do it quite regularly. But we should only exfoliate once a week; twice, max. Then there is too much product, which can have the opposite effect on our skin. This is where the beauty of microdosing comes in. This involves using smaller amounts of active ingredients like vitamin C, but more regularly. The microdosing will ensure that your skin receives the benefits of the product; if you use an excess, it will not soak up properly. So why not take advantage of the fall to develop good habits? See you later, Mr. Sheeran.

The trick

Listen to me now! Spray your perfume on the TOP of your ears … I know this sounds strange but trust me your scent will last longer. The top of your ears is a bit fatter than, say, behind your earlobes. The smoothness will give your perfume a lasting hold.

The trend

Monday is a guaranteed good hair day

I have a soft spot for stylish hair guru Patrick Wilson, who not only worked on my gruaig, but
on Kendall Jenner’s braids,
Kaia Gerber, Jodie Comer, Daisy Edgar-Jones and Phoebe Dynevor. He said my hair was the best – I swear by my widow’s peak!
Either way, he raves about Monday, a new low-budget hair care brand that claims to be salon-quality. The brand was founded by Jaimee Lupton, a beauty entrepreneur from New Zealand. The 100 recyclable pink bottles of so-called ‘liquid gold’ were launched in the US earlier this year and are now heading to Irish shores – see
The content is sodium lauryl sulfate free and packed with rice protein, shea butter, and vitamin E, all of which are hot ingredients right now, and for good reason. Vitamin E, a key ingredient in the Smooth range (Hydration, Softness and Volume are the others) is excellent for the health of the scalp, which can only have a positive effect on the hair follicles and strands. Monday Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner, both above, cost $ 8.50 each. Hair, let’s go!

The treatment

All in front

If you don’t take time for your well-being, you will have to take time for your illness.
OK, read that again. With the kids back to school, juggling can be real every morning, right? But I shouldn’t be complaining – then comes that wonderful mid-morning silence where I can get things done. It’s also a time to take some time for me, so I recently booked myself into the Wicklow Street Clinic in Dublin 2 for a CACI Synergy Face – I’ve heard Laura Whitmore is a fan.
It’s perfect if Botox and fillers aren’t your thing. This electric facelift system uses an instrument to lift, tone and return the muscle to its original position. It will stimulate collagen and elastin for younger looking, hydrated and plumped skin. The treatments are adapted to each age group from the twenties.

The tools


Urban Decay Nude Palette, Cyber ​​Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Nude Palette, Cyber ​​Eyeshadow

Keep your eyes peeled for the latest Urban Decay Naked palette, Cyber ​​Eyeshadow, above, € 52.50, Its launch is scheduled for October 10.
The 12 shadows collection can be used wet or dry and includes (new word alert!) Duochromes. These are two-tone eyeshadows with contrasting pigments that change color depending on how the light hits them. To like! Join an orderly cyber queue please, peeps.

The speech

Facing the new normal


My Name is Ted HandySan Leather Carry Case

My Name is Ted HandySan Leather Carry Case

My Name is Ted HandySan Leather Carry Case

I always say my two best friends are like my personal therapists, they just get paid in alcohol!
Either way, we were discussing how everything suddenly sped up over the past few weeks. Many people have returned to commuting, canteen lunches and shared office cubicles. So, as my therapists say, it’s totally understandable if you’re feeling a little nervous and unprepared. No doubt this return to the “new normal” will mean a few extras in the handbag. Don’t worry, though, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite products so you can arrive at work with one less thing to worry about.
Hand sanitizer is as common in my bag as my phone these days. Check out this My Name is Ted HandySan leather carry case, above, € 69 (disinfectant sold separately – just fill the recycled plastic spray bottle). It can clip onto your bag so you don’t have to root yourself inside and mess around before you can even sanitize. See

More time spent outdoors, even in the colder months, means skin protection is a must. If you’re looking for exercise-friendly makeup as well, then the Sports BB Compact from Shiseido, € 38.45, should be on your radar. It has an SPF of 50+ and aims to stay put throughout your workout. It’s a great tool for touch-ups on the go. See
Multi-function is the key as life gets busier, so I like makeup that’s a bit of a jack of all trades – and a master at it, too. This Nars multi-purpose stick, above, € 42, can be used on the eyes, cheeks, lips and body – perfect if you need to touch up your look in the cab for that all-important meeting. Find the staff at the Nars counter at Brown Thomas.
For those who need a little motivation in the office, a healthy drink that tastes good can help. Circle of Light is an Irish brand, founded by Dr Sarah Kelly at the height of the pandemic. The brand’s first launch, Green Coffee, € 19.95 for 200g, consists of unroasted instant granules that have powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Other options include Triple Z, below, € 19.95, an herbal night drink and Green Coffee – Infused with Ginger, also € 19.95. See; or your local pharmacy.

Earlier this month, Max Benjamin launched a bath and body collection, the first time the family business has entered the beauty world. I love Magnesium Bath Salts, € 27. They contain sodium chloride which relieves muscle pain and stiff joints. The essential oils of vetiver, cedarwood and bergamot promote sleep, relieve stress and improve your mood. The collection also includes a Lavender & Camomile Scrub, € 35, and a Body Cream, € 37. See

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