Top 7 PDFdrive Alternative Sites for Free PDF Files


For nearly a decade, PDF Drive has been the most widely used document collaboration, storage and sharing service. Moreover, downloading and viewing free e-books through online platforms such as PDF Drive is the direction in which the development of advanced reading continues. Luckily, though, for those who like to pursue other themes, there are plenty of other PDFdrive choices where you can download free books.

And it’s so simple! A wide variety of free e-books, regardless of genre, can only be accessed with a click of a button if you know how and where to look. But before exploring the alternatives, here’s everything you need to know based on frequently asked questions!

What is a PDF reader?

As you may or may not know, it is a free online PDF search engine that allows users to search, preview and even download PDF documents and is considered one of the leading indexes PDF Records Web. This website offers over 75 million eBooks that can be downloaded hassle-free on any device of your choice – and they’re all free! And not to mention, you won’t have to deal with a bunch of irritating ads when looking for a book! There is also no need to register to download a book and if you have a stable web association, you can even download several at the same time!
Moreover, if you are a regular customer, the website even offers you new suggestions of interest.

Is the PDF reader legal?

Sure enough, some books have been taken down due to copyright issues, but the many that remain are accessible for a reason, having no copyright issues, so you can preview and download them safely. .

Is downloading free PDFs safe?

Since it contains just about anything, from informative material to books, private documents and shared documents, it is of great concern that someone could add digital content containing malware. Free e-book download apps usually just connect to an external web library, so whether or not they are safe depends on the possible dangers of those online libraries. That being said, it is better to be careful while using and downloading such projects as they might infect your device with viruses.

Benefits of PDF Reader

By using a site like PDF Drive, you always have access to any book you want on any device, anywhere, making information and entertainment truly accessible and portable. Plus, you’ll find that it’s not just books you can explore, but also current data, diaries, and articles of all kinds! Finally, you can easily and quickly lend books to your friends even if they live far from you, which is not easy if it is a physical book! All in all, here are some of the most convenient and popular alternative sites to PDF Drive that you can try and rely on depending on your preferences and needs.

1. Get free ebooks

This is a very popular e-book website that is also free! It allows users to download legitimate e-books which then become accessible on all sorts of devices.

2. OceanOfPDF

OceanOfPDF was once a site that parted ways with stolen e-books, but has now reverted to a. net area name. This great site provides users with duplicates of countless books. Some popular examples are: Julia Donaldson’s The Gruffalo, Jeff Kinney’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, and even books by authors such as Roald Dahl and Philip Pullman.


The third entry on our list is a US-based for-profit college social networking website. However, it started out as a free, open repository full of academic journal articles. Overall, is one of the most convenient sources for sharing articles and documents with millions of people around the world for free! Over the past 5 years, articles published on this website have garnered no less than 69% citations, according to PLOS ONE research data.

4. Booklet

Another great free site for downloading books in PDF format is Booknet! It features all types of story genres, from sci-fi to romance to noir and more! And that’s not all ! You can even select your reading materials based on other categories such as updates, notoriety, hits or news, which is really useful for those who don’t have a clear idea in mind when they are looking for a new book to enjoy.

5. Online programming books

It is one of the most popular websites for developers and one of the best options available unlike PDF Drive books. For example, if you’re a fan of innovation in general or a software engineer, you can always use OnlineProgrammingBooks to find a distro identified with software engineering, visual and web communication, and application programming and advancement!


This website is one of the leading online resources for free digital book consumption! In fact, it may be the best option over PDF Drive books. Moreover, it is also the best space for creators to make their work available to everyone for free. Much of the titles featured on the site are in a number of organizations, including pdf, txt, eup, and HTML.


Finally, if nothing else on this list is for you, you can just use Google! The largest search engine on the Internet can also help you find PDF files for free if you know where to look.
You can use Google to find and download countless books without paying a penny. All you have to do is include “PDF” in your search and you’ll get plenty of results.


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