Thursday’s Best Sports Bets on TV and Radio | Sports

Penn State, Wisconsin 6 p.m. BTN

Oregon State at Stanford 6 p.m. Pac-12N

UCLA at Arizona 8 p.m. Pac-12N

Sky at Sun, Game 2 5 p.m. ESPN2

Mercury at Aces, Game 2 7 p.m. ESPN2

D-backs at Giants 6:45 p.m. 1490-AM *

Jaguars at the Bengals 5:20 p.m. 1290-AM

“Spears and Ali” 3:14 p.m. – a.m. *

* 1490-AM is also broadcast on 104.9-FM

Legend: JIP – joined in progress

Channel guide: BSAZ is Bally Sports Arizona (Ch 26 on Cox, Ch 31 on Comcast, Ch 686 on DirecTV, Ch 415 on Dish) BTN is Big Ten Network (Ch 320 on Cox, Ch 272 on Comcast, Ch 610 on DirecTV, Ch 439 on Dish) ESPN (Ch 24 on Cox, Ch 2 on Comcast, Ch 206 on DirecTV, Ch 140 on Dish) ESPN2 (Ch 25 on Cox, Ch 30 on Comcast, Ch 209 on DirecTV, Ch 143 on Dish) ESPNU (Ch 330 on Cox, Ch 266 on Comcast, Ch 208 on DirecTV, Ch 141 on Dish) Golf (Ch 65 on Cox, Ch 28 on Comcast, Ch 218 on DirecTV, Ch 401 on Dish) MLB is MLB Network (Ch 305 on Cox, Ch 271 on Comcast, Ch 213 on DirecTV, Ch 152 on Dish) NFL is NFL Network (Ch 301 on Cox, Ch 275 on Comcast, Ch 212 on DirecTV, Ch 154 on Dish) Pac-12A is Pac-12 Arizona (Ch 75 on Cox, Ch 103 on Comcast, not available on DirecTV, Ch. 409, Ch 406 on Dish Hopper or contact Dish for more information on the channel) Pac-12N is the Pac-12 network (Ch 70 on Cox, Ch. 283 on Comcast, not available on DirecTV, Ch 409 on Dish, Ch 406 on Dish Hopper) SECOND is the SEC network (Ch 329 on Cox, Ch 286 on Comcast, Ch 611 on DirecTV, Ch 408 on Dish) TNT (Ch 29 on Cox, Ch 36 on Comcast, Ch 245 on DirecTV, Ch 138 on Dish)

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