technology: how technology has changed beauty

The world of beauty has changed in leaps and bounds over the past decade, technology has been a staple in management and delivering superior results.

Lasers, ultrasound devices, focused ultrasound, radio frequency can all be used to design faces and bodies. The technology offers an advancement in pain-free treatments requiring no anesthesia, faster results with no side effects or downtime, and completely scar-free with a straightforward clinical procedure.

When deciding on a procedure, you need to understand for what indications do you want to perform the procedure, for face lift, eyebrow lift, reduction of bags under the eyes, jaw, reduction of double chin. mini facelift can be used for face and body lifting, especially for abdomen and buttock lift. Always remember that the results don’t look like surgery, but the visible results put on a show. The technology works on the principle of tightening a muscular sheath at the level of the face and thus ensures the facelift.

If we are looking for collagen generation or tightening, we can work with radio frequency, it helps generate collagen and tighten face can be used for face and body. The technology helps to reshape collagen and create new, fresh collagen in the skin. Lasers are beautiful devices that should be used with care by a trained professional. Lasers can be used to treat pigmentations for face lightening, scar removal, stretch mark reduction, body rejuvenation to name a few.

Aesthetic medicine has evolved and we can provide visible results in a short period of time, but the challenge remains that there are so many technologies to choose from and a well-trained doctor is essential as they can cause side effects. short term like pain, irritation. , and redness to name a few.

With the contribution of Dr Geeta Mehra Fazalbhoy, dermatologist.

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