Summer 2021 Solar and Lunar Eclipse Horoscopes

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Right now, we are deep in the layers of the eclipse season, which is that sacred time of the year when the universe makes corrections. This means that you will experience a real correct course where a whole new opportunity reveals itself. However, there is one thing you must do first: You must cross this chasm with ultimate confidence, even if you don’t know what is on the other side. Change is needed.

The eclipse season includes both a lunar and solar eclipse. The lunar will be May 26 and the solar will be June 9; however, the impact of these eclipses will last for at least a year and possibly a lifetime. Now is not the time to over-plan and fill your days. Rather, this is the time to create the space so that you can evolve and reset your life path.

Here’s a guide to what each of the eclipses will mean for the zodiac signs. The lunar eclipse points to an area of ​​your life where you are being asked to let go. The solar eclipse will show you where your new path is heading.

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Let’s go: In order to enter your future self, you must release your past learning and the expectations around what you have been studying.

To start: Learning a new skill will be a priority this year and will have vital potential for your future.

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Let’s go: Put that old money story to the curb. It’s time to let go of the story that made you play small financially.

To start: You are ready to turn your finely tuned skills into a future business and build a solid financial foundation.

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Let’s go: Release the hold on your old way of approaching a relationship. A relationship will evolve or be finalized as necessary.

To start: A solar eclipse in Gemini makes this year a commitment to your uniqueness. Claim your joy.

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Let’s go: In order for you to reach your next higher level, you must first treat your body with more respect, because it is your vessel.

To start: You are ready for a new story, releasing limiting beliefs. Your intuition and spiritual life will develop this year.

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Let’s go: It’s time to let go of the old love affair to be truly seen and fulfilled.

To start: Be intentional in the business you keep, as this is your year to align with your true mission and your community.

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Let’s go: To level up, you will need to change your perception of home and ancestry and understand why those circumstances were as they were.

To start: As you create more space in your foundation, your career will grow light years away in 2021.

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Let’s go: An eclipse in your communications industry brings unexpected news, and it’s time to tell your whole truth.

To start: A new educational opportunity presents itself, so you can spread your wings.

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Let’s go: You will need to free up an old source of security or income to make room for this new direction.

To start: Think about investments, stocks, maybe buying or selling assets this year. It seems like you are finding a way out of the time / money paradigm.

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Let’s go: The Lunar Eclipse illuminates Sagittarius, asking you to shine brighter and never hold back your light again.

To start: A new partnership or a new approach to your relationship will be in the stars. Trust this path.

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Let’s go: The time has come to liberate unsustainable working methods, although behind it lies the unbearable pressure you have placed on yourself.

To start: One year to focus on good health and make the most of your days. Commit to your desires.

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Let’s go: You have grown a lot and have certainly moved beyond some of the old social circles. Be true to yourself.

To start: A new blossoming love is on your horizon. It could also mean a new baby or childbirth in your life. Love is with you.

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Let’s go: In your career, you need to let go of your old role in order to grow.

To start: It will be the year of a new home or a renewal of family ties. Your intuition will guide you well.

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