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Jan Shortt of the National Pensioners Convention accused the government of not caring, reminding the Prime Minister that some pensioners “fought to keep this country free”. The government has been widely criticized for its decision to suspend the triple pension lock, which ensures the UK state pension continues to rise each year. It comes as the UK struggles with a growing cost of living crisis.

The country currently has an inflation rate of 6.2%, but it is expected to increase to over 8% during the year due to soaring energy bills.

On April 11, the state pension only increased by 3.1%.

In response to the crisis, the government has offered pensioners a £200 rebate on their fuel bills, which is a loan that would have to be repaid later.

But Ms Shortt slammed the plans, accusing the government of wishing pensioners didn’t exist.

She called on the government to increase the state pension to match the rate of inflation, saying it would “help enormously”.

The campaigner told “Other countries with stable economies immediately offered everyone £200 off their bills.

“We get a loan.

“You must ask the question – do [they] does he really care? We don’t think they do.

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“So they knew when they tied us at 3.1% that it wasn’t going to be enough.

“If they can’t save face by putting back the triple lock, then at least give people the true rate of inflation as income.

“That will help tremendously.

“We’re not asking for something we haven’t paid for. We’re not asking for anything special.

“We just ask them to give the inflation rate.

“And it will help them cover their bills. It won’t help them pay the full price, but it will help them.”


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