Sliker accused of corruption borrowed more than $200,000 from streamers and viewers over two years


Twitch streamer ItsSliker has been accused of spending thousands of dollars without repaying his debts.

On September 17, the Twitch user shared a video of a former Liquid ItsSliker team streamer asking for money. In this video, Sliker claims that his bank account was unlocked for 3-4 days and his credit rating likely went down. The streamer admitted he was looking for both other content creators and viewers who could lend him money, promising to return his debtors in two months.

Redditor 0161MannyOnTheMap posted several Discord recordings corroborating the original report, which quickly took off on the Livestream Fails subreddit. As the logs go, Sliker is seen asking for money, sharing his charged bank account with his friends. Notably, Redditor posted a user who submitted a Sliker-like app over $7,000 from August 30, 2021.

Shortly after the allegations broke, YouTuber and streaming journalist Lukeafk admitted to loaning Sliker more than $27,000. It’s super embarrassing, but I don’t know what else to do right now, Luke explained. I lost $27,000 to Sliker loans. I thought I could trust him and I guess I couldn’t.

Sliker took to Mikelpees to discuss the situation in a short, straight-forward chat with several viewers who loaned money from Twitch streamers. Sliker wrote in his short interview that his intentions were never to scam his viewers, but he has already refunded several anonymous people.

After Sliker’s brief talk, a water expert rounded up several users who claimed Sliker owed money in an attempt to explain how much Sliker owed. As more streamers admitted to loaning Sliker money, including Knut, Lacari, and Mizkif, Asmongold estimated the streamers’ debt to be well over $200,000.

Shortly after his first talk, Sliker saw his story grow as he was able to come to terms with the extent of his situation. The streamer admitted that he lied about his initial banking history and that his borrowed money helped pay off additional debt for his self-proclaimed addiction. The Twitch streamer claimed that in one month he had borrowed over $100,000 from other streamers such as Trainwrecks.

Sliker has expressed no signs of guilt as he humiliates viewers and intends to pay off his many debts, but despite the value of his debt, his price still seems insurmountable.


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