Sex and love horoscope, May 21, 2021

What’s happening: Today the Sun is confronting the expansion of Jupiter, giving you a big boost of energy and making today’s mood more emotional. Tomorrow, Mercury and Misty Neptune clash, creating a vague and dreamy state of mind. On Sunday, the Moon enters sensual Scorpio and on Tuesday, it enters optimistic Sagittarius. On Wednesday there is a large lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, strongly (really strongly!) encouraging you to let go of your old ways and become more open-minded. Finally, Thursday, Venus will face Neptune.

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What this means for you:


Where the hell is all this energy coming from ?! You are feeling particularly optimistic and confident this weekend, and you are having a blast. This motivation boost is great for shooting your pic or surprising bae with something kinky in bed, but you might be a bit arrogant. Variety is the spice of life, but if your crush / date is do not up to the clown, you have to respect that.


You’re feeling full of energy this weekend, but unfortunately that’s because you’re busy killing him in the office – sure, the potential extra cash will be fun, but there just isn’t much time to focus on love. Wait until Sunday when the Moon in Scorpio is in your chart’s relationship area. It’s great for dating, hooking up, or just spending some quality time with bae, and Tuesday’s Sagittarius Moon in your chart’s privacy area is reeaaally great for living in the bedroom! Just one thing – Thursday’s vague and weird vibe makes communication issues likely. If you are in a solid LTR, don’t worry, but if you are in a situation or flirting, do your best to do not send mixed signals.


HBD! Enjoy your birthday weekend, Gemini – there is tons exciting and high energy moods coming from the stars, and you are able to look good, feel good and have a lot of fun! You’re in the spotlight this weekend, Gemini, so get charmed, slip into your crush’s DMs, and have fun cheating, because the eclipse in your theme’s relationship area on Wednesday will bring sure major changes to your love life. It’s just a of several eclipses related to your upcoming relationship, know that the new connections and the sudden break-ups / make-ups happening now will have lasting meaning!


Gemini season isn’t always the funniest time of year for you, and this weekend is no exception – there just isn’t a ton going on! The week begins with a Scorpion Moon in the romance / sex / fun area of ​​your theme, so there is potential for a quickie or two, but it’s short lived. Be flexible on Wednesday! The eclipse is defs going to shake up your usual routine and you may have to take an alternate route to get to work or meet some unexpected people, but hey – one of those new connections, or someone you meet when you take the ~ scenic drive ~ could be your next SO potential!


The atmosphere of this weekend is playful, seductive and fun –exactly the way you like it – and it’s easier than ever to find a cutie to hang out with or set up a first date with your latest Tinder match! You’ll likely have gathered a collection of potential lovers by the time this week begins, but the light and airy vibe is cut short on Wednesday, when you’re asked to take your love life a little more. seriously. Having your choice of hookups is a lot of fun, but if you’re looking for something with more longevity, you’re pushed to decide who’s the right fit for you and start working on something serious with them, and them. alone!


It’s a critical weekend for your love life, Virgo. Think about your relationship goals – are you single and ready to mingle? Are you happy and want to take things to the next level? Or are you stuck in a shitty relationship and desperate to get out? Expect a very emotional time, because this week has a lot of potential for some sublime romance, or frankly sorrow. Be realistic with yourself and figure out what actions you need to take or what conversations you need to start giving your relationship the sparkle it needs. Don’t let your heart wash over your head – just because you really like someone doesn’t mean they’re necessarily your best bet.


Since you are literally the sign of relationships, you have an innate ability to flirt, communicate with people, and make the most of the time you spend with that special someone (in bed and out of bed) – but this week something’s not working simply not. You have to change your approach! Instead of using the same five pickup lines, find something original. If bedroom life is boring, tell your partner that you want to flex your dominant side. Sticking to your old ways isn’t going to do you much favor this week, Libra – step out of your comfort zone!


This coming weekend is extremely erotic, Scorpio, and your sex life is on. Fire! Sex physically feels much more tactile and sensual, and you feel deeply, emotionally connected with your partner. This is ideal if you are happily booed, as you are able to form a serious relationship while having a bullet hitting you, but if you are single there could be some issues! You’re horny, but don’t settle for the first cutie that hits you because catching feelings for your adventure is basically guaranteed with this astronomical weather!

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What makes you feel about your partner passionate? If you can’t quickly find an answer, the harsh weather conditions this week are here to help you understand why. You’re a thrill-seeker, but you’ve kind of let your love life get stale. Yes, I said it –you have allowed your love life to become stale. You are not afraid to make the changes you want your relationship, but you have a surprising lack of receptivity towards your partner. I’m not trying to shade you, Sag, but this week you understand that partner has changes to make, but was unable to vocalize. Show them that you are eager for their contribution and enthusiastic to try out what they need, and you can take some serious steps in your love life this week.


You’ve been on the meter lately, so your love life is probably a little dried up. I have bad news – that is unlikely to change this week. In fact, you’re more likely to meet an Old Flame or Old Flame than to meet someone new, thanks to Wednesday’s Eclipse! You may need to approach your love life like it’s a chore because there is a parcel tidy up to do, Capricorn. Use this time to face the past and give yourself a clean slate. Oh, and JSYK – that cute new coworker / coworker you just met isn’t for you, buddy. Sorry!


Since the vibes of Gemini season light up the romance, sex, and pleasure area of ​​your chart, you can expect it to be a great week! Not only do you feel bold and confident – perfect for taking your photo or starting The Talk – but you are also able to shake off your usual fear of rejection. Asking someone to date or flirt with someone sexy can lead to some gorgeous results this week, Aquarius. Don’t be afraid to cast a wide net either! It’s a time everything on trying new things (and new people) in your love life. Enjoy!


Home life really takes over, whether you’re dealing with family drama, spending more time with your roommates, or just being a couch potato. Now is the time to kick back and relax, Pisces, do not to get you there. You need a partner that you can just relax with it. Someone you can take home and snuggle up, or someone who’s cool with a Netflix and chill out instead of going on a fancy date. Your space should be a stress free zone this week, so if you can include your special someone, great! But if not, don’t expect too much action.

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