Sangli murder case: Godman asked his siblings to write notes with names of money lenders 2 months before the incident


The man-god who was arrested for allegedly murdering nine members of Mhaisala’s family in Sangli district asked two siblings to write notes with names of moneylenders two months before the incident.

On June 20, two brothers, along with their 72-year-old mother, their wives (aged 48 and 45) and their children (the youngest was 15) were found dead in two separate houses one kilometer apart. on the other in the town of Mhaisal.

On June 27, the police arrested Tantrik (the divine man) Abbas Mohammad Bagwan (48) and his driver, Dheeraj Chandrakant Survase (30) from Solapur and charged them under Section 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

During the investigation, the Sangli police discovered that two months ago, Bagwan had asked two siblings to write the names of the lenders on two separate papers so that he could put these papers on the “bed of God” to get relief from them.

“During the investigation, it was clear that the arrested duo had hatched a formal murder plan that they had planted suicide notes that could be written by siblings two months prior,” said said Inspector General of Police (Kolhapur Range) Manoj Kumar. Lohia.

Police recovered photocopies of suicide notes from Bagwan’s house based in Solapur.

After the recent investigation in the Sangli case, the police decided to invoke the anti-superstition law. According to Sangli, Police Superintendent Dixit Gedam, investigators recovered coconut shells, black thread and other materials related to black magic from Bagwan’s house. We have therefore decided to add article 3 of the anti-superstition law in this case.


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