Review: Flower Beauty Jet Set invisible powder spray is a blotter sheet in a bottle

To apply this somewhat unconventional product, treat it much like any other setting spray: shake it well, hold it at least six inches from your face, and spray it on. A very a light coating will do; Like any other makeup powder, you might notice that it sinks into fine lines if you overdo it. Take it from makeup artist Daniel Chinchilla, who once said Seduce that “the setting powder can only give the foundation a pasty appearance if it is a heavier setting powder”.

Morhpe M510 Pro Round Blending Brush

Another thing this spray powder has in common with its traditional predecessors is that it requires a very well mixed base. “I tend to really blend in and apply the foundation to the skin with a blending brush until it’s one with the skin, so I don’t feel like [the powder is] sit on it as a separate entity, ”makeup artist Valery Gherman previously explained to Seduce. “If areas are still too heavy, I prefer to pat with a sponge to soak up any excess moisture before applying the powder.”

Because I have oily spots, dry spots, and balanced spots, this powder spray has had varying results on different areas of my face – that’s why I usually prefer to smudge the powder with a fluffy detail brush such as instead of baking with the Morhpe M510 Pro Round Blending Brush. Personally, I think Jet Set would work best on oily skin that needs quick touch-ups throughout the day to keep their complexion makeup intact.

Flower Beauty Spray Set Invisible Powder Spray on white background

Flower Beauty Invisible Powder Spray Jet Set

TLDR; I might not use this product to set my entire face on a daily basis due to my skin type, but I will definitely put it in my bag next time I have a special occasion or shoot a movie. Seduce video that requires 24 hour makeup maintenance.

Flower Beauty Jet Set Invisible Powder Sprat costs $ 15 and is available now at

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