Reminder: since March 1, 2022, the personal account administration policy has changed


Reminder: since March 1, 2022, the personal account administration policy has changed

We remind you that from March 1, 2022, the management fees for personal accounts have changed. According to the new pricing, from April 1, 2022, monthly management fees will be charged to inactive main accounts as well as additional accounts.

The main account will be considered active and management fees will not be applied if you are:

– an investor who registered at the earliest 90 days ago;

– An investor who has had an active investment within the last 90 days;

– an investor who has or has had a loan;

– a borrower;

– Neopay customer.

We consider an active investment to be an investment that has not yet been fully paid out to the investor, regardless of when the funds were invested.

Example: If an investor has not invested, but has/had an active investment within the last 90 days, the tax will not be applied. If the investor has not had an active investment in the past 90 days but currently has a loan, the tax will not apply. If the legal investor does not have an active loan or an active investment, but is a Neopay client, the commission will also not apply.

The following fees for primary accounts:

• For individuals: €0.99/month

• For legal entities: €2.99/month

Additional accounts will be free for VIP investors, FinoMark and Neopay customers according to the following procedure:

• VIP Silver Members – 1 additional free account;

• VIP Gold Members – 2 free additional accounts;

• Platinum VIP Members – 3 free additional accounts;

• Finomark customers – 1 additional free account.

• Neopay customers – unlimited number of free additional accounts.

For all other investors who do not meet the above criteria, the administration fee for the additional account remains at €0.79/month.

Account status will be reviewed and charges applied at the beginning of each month.

However, if the client no longer plans to use the services of NEO Finance, AB and wishes to avoid the inactive main account fee, we will give the client the option of initiating a free closure of the account.


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