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A Red Deer woman has spoken to friends, family and anyone else who will listen to the couple she calls “the best people to have in the neighborhood.”

Sharon Vanin, a retired mental health support worker who has lived in Red Deer for 17 years, recently decided she was going to remove a small tree that was in her front garden, just off the walkway that leads to his home in the Anders. on the lake district.

Last Tuesday, she started the tree removal process.

“I went out first in the morning, cut all the branches and snapped off some of the bigger ones. I was at the butt and the base of the trunk, which was… thick, ”she said.

“I’m sitting there with a hammer and a chisel and I’m like, ‘I’m going to do whatever I can and then I’m going to go to Kijiji and find someone with a chainsaw to level it.'”

A truck then stopped and a neighbor, whom she had never met, asked her if she needed help.

“I said, ‘I would love that.’ He told me that they lived right up the street and that he would be back in five minutes. Then five minutes later, he and his wife get in the truck, he jumps up and he has an ax, a saw and a spade.

Vanin told the neighbor if he could help level the base of the chest, then she could take it from there.

“He said, ‘Would you like all of this to be dug up?’ I said I would, but it’s a lot of work. “It’s not a problem,” he said, ”Vanin said.

“Before long he pulled out the whole root ball, threw it in the back of his truck. His wife and I were sitting on my steps watching. Then he says, ‘Well, do you have any other jobs for me?’ “

Vanin said that with all the sad news in the world right now, she wanted to share a story like this.

“There are some really good people out there. It was just lovely. I’m still talking about it, I was so impressed, ”she said.

“It was so sweet and I just needed to share this wonderful wellness story. This is something so nice to share, beyond the increase in our numbers (COVID-19), a shooting or a stabbing. We need to know all of this, but it doesn’t do much to boost your morale or your confidence in people.

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