Rap icon for accepting payments with Bitcoin Lightning in the online store

18-year-old rap musician Lil ‘Pump announced that his online store will accept payments for products via the Lightning Network. Fans of the artist will be able to spend Bitcoin on merchandise from Lil ‘Pump’s fashion line, “Unhappy” using the innovative micropayment solution.

While such acceptance stories don’t directly translate into increased Bitcoin adoption, it’s worth noting that the Miami rapper boasts 1.24 million Twitter followers. Probably many of these will already be familiar with Bitcoin. However, seeing it, and especially the new Lightning Network, offered as a payment method by an individual they supposedly admire, will surely help cement cryptocurrencies even more firmly in the public psyche.

Lil ‘Pump welcomes Bitcoin flash payments

Bitcoin’s Lightning Network is experiencing a great 2019 so far. The micropayment scaling solution intended to reduce the number of transactions occurring on the main Bitcoin blockchain has been praised by the likes of Twitter and Jack Dorsey of Square, as well as having a number of high-profile celebrities demonstrating the capabilities. of the network by sending and receiving payments as part of the so-called Lightning Torch. Notable personalities involved included Dorsey himself, Elon Musk, and even Miss Universe.

We are now starting to see real companies embrace the technology. The latest to do so is Miami-based rap mumble icon Lil ‘Pump. It will allow fans to pay for a range of t-shirts and hoodies from its clothing brand, Unhappy, using Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. The news was spread via a website that monitors companies that accept the second-tier Bitcoin scaling solution called LightningNetworkStores:

The rapper’s clothing website is the latest addition to a growing list of companies that will accept Bitcoin on the Lightning Network. Many of the others listed so far are for online betting or gambling platforms, web services like hosting, creative freelancers, and adult products / videos.

A search on the full list of those who accept Bitcoin Lightning payments shows that no major name from conventional industries has yet opened up to the relatively new payment method. Perhaps the best-known company that accepted Lightning payments prior to Lil ‘Pump’s announcement was live cam model site LiveJasmin.

However, the fact that the rapper’s 1.24 million followers (who aren’t necessarily interested in cryptocurrencies or even technology) have been exposed to the Lightning Network is another hugely positive development for nascent technology in 2019. It just seems like a question. long before that the biggest names of more traditional industries will follow suit.

Rap musicians ready to embrace cryptocurrencies

It is certainly not the first time that a rap music icon has shown interest in cryptocurrency. With two of the dominant themes in the genre being money and contempt for centralized authority figures, it’s no surprise that the music form has been so eager to embrace Bitcoin and other crypto assets.

NewsBTC previously reported on the likes of Eminem and Soulja Boy incorporating the world’s number one digital currency by market capitalization into their music. The last album of the first Kamikaze featuring a song called “Not Alike” which is a collaboration with Royce Da 5’9 ′. The track contains the lines:

“Remember that everyone used to bite Nickel, now everyone makes bitcoin.”

More cheeky was Soulja Boy’s song simply titled “Bitcoin”, which appeared on the rapper’s latest album, Young Drako. The piece is hardly the central bank critique you might hope for, however, and focuses primarily on the potential financial gains possible by investing in highly speculative digital assets.

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