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Bus driver an angel to change tire

On Tuesday I was driving on Bishop Grandin and turning south on St. Mary when my vehicle wasn’t ringing right, so I turned into the first lane – which was a transit bus turn – and got out. only to find that I had a flat tire. I couldn’t reach my husband on the phone and didn’t know what to do as I had never had a flat tire before in all my years of driving. The bus driver came to see if I needed any help and called a tire company for me, who told me they couldn’t get out. He first checked with his supervisor, then proceeded to change my flat tire with my spare tire. He worked so hard because it wasn’t easy, and I appreciated that he was so kind and helped me in my distress. I insisted that I wanted to pay him and he just didn’t want to hear about it. He said that one day I might “pay forward” and that was all the payment he needed. I will, but in the meantime I want to tell Joseph again how much I appreciated his kindness and let him know that he was truly an angel to help me like he did.

– Lorraine Wagner

Thank you for helping mom after her fall

My mother tripped and fell on hard tiles in front of the elevators in her building. Her nice neighbor Carol down the hall tried to help my mom up. It wasn’t working, so she called 911 for her and sat with her for over two hours while my mom waited for an ambulance. She brought her water and stayed with her the entire time, even while the ambulance was watching her.

We would like to thank Carol very much for her help and for staying with her all this time. We all really appreciate it.

– Michelle Smith

Grateful to all who have helped

On April 20, at St Vital Mall near the bay, I slipped on black ice and broke my femur near my hip. Within seconds, a lovely lady came to help me and supported me in my sitting position, hands flat on the ice, as I couldn’t move. Others came and covered me with their jackets and a man took his gloves and put them under my hands. They called 911 and also my son.

After surgery and a hospital stay, I am now home and doing well. My thoughts are so often with the fall and the gentle and efficient care of those who were there for me in this parking lot. Thank you to all of you. You represent the best of Manitobans.

– Ruth Huebert

Thanks to the nice lady, nice sir

On May 2, I was cycling on Kenaston. When I got to McGillivary, my tire hit the curb and I took a plane. A very nice lady and a very nice gentleman both got out of their vehicle and helped me. They both offered to take my husband and I home. Winnipeggers are very nice people.

– Sandy Slotin

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