Product Overview: Lender Price Simplifies Mortgage Processes


Lender Price’s system also uses a modern technology stack, with components like Angular, an open-source JavaScript software stack designed to help build websites and apps. The components also come with a microservices architecture, which Alimi says helps Lender Price operate more dynamically than “monolithic” legacy systems.

“Because our system is built on a microservices architecture, and it is vertically [and horizontally] evolutionary…. This means that the application is divided into several different services and several different micro-applications,” explained Alimi. “If one part of the app is down, the whole app is not down.”

Laser focused

According to Alimi, Lender Price‘s main competitor in the market was Optimal Blue, a provider of secondary mortgage market products and services as well as actionable data services. Black Knight, Inc., a maker of software, data and analytics for the mortgage, consumer loan, real estate and capital markets, acquired the company in late 2020.

Likewise, Alimi acknowledged that his company had been viewed as a possible acquisition target by others in recent months.

“We’ve had six acquisition attempts in the last year and a half, and one merger [pitch]and we turned them all down,” Alimi said.


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