PRC suspends ‘ready marking’ policy for work permit renewal


The Professional Regulation Commission has suspended its policy that tags teachers and professionals with pending administrative cases – including those resulting from complaints from loan companies – and prevents them from renewing their PRC licenses.

Labor Secretary Bienvenido Laguesma announced the suspension on Sunday after learning about the policy during a budget hearing in the House of Representatives last week.

ACT Teachers Party-List Rep. France Castro raised the issue of so-called “utang-tagging” where a teacher can be tagged if a summons is issued due to a loan non-payment complaint.

” It’s illegal. You link the teacher to a complaint that has not yet been resolved. A teacher’s license has nothing to do with the deal or the loan,” Castro said.

Laguesma told lawmakers he was unaware of the PRC policy, but agreed it “didn’t sound right” and immediately ordered its review.

“How can they (teachers) pay what they borrow if they can’t work because the PRC won’t renew their licenses,” the Labor leader said.

The PRC is an agency attached to the Ministry of Labor and Employment.

Castro said the teachers, mostly from central Luzon, had been tagged by the PRC. She said that most teachers were victims of loan sharks.

Acting PRC President Jose Cueto Jr. said that during the suspension of “tagging utang,” the commission will review and consult with its various professional councils “with the aim of promoting efficiency and fairness. in its disciplinary processes and procedures”.

Laguesma reminded the PRC that in revising its disciplinary policy and procedures, the commission “should focus its regulatory function on undesirable acts arising from the exercise of the professions”.

Every regulation must pass the test of reasonableness and should not be used to penalize professionals simply because of their socio-economic status, Laguesma added.


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