Polo Park Kindness Ambassadors Club hosts successful pajama drive

Pajamas collected by the Kindness Ambassadors Club.

Pajamas seem to be the most basic necessity for a child. Whether they are covered with superheroes or princesses, they are the first step towards sweet dreams.

Unfortunately, too many children do not have this simple comfort. This is where the Polo Park Middle School Kindness Ambassadors Club (KAC) comes in. In order to impact others and promote positivity, the KAC started Project Pajamas, collecting pajamas and books to give to foster children in Palm Beach County. .

“Our mission is to make an impact and promote positivity in our school and our community through simple acts of kindness,” said Chelsea Solorzano, one of the Kindness Ambassadors Club staff sponsors.

This successful campaign resulted in more than 100 pajamas and 50 new books to give to children in need.

“We brought a representative to the club [virtually] and talk with the students about the project and what they stand for, ”Solorzano said.

The Parents-Teachers-Students Association (PTSA) also participated by advertising the project using social media.

The club has two mentor teachers, Solorzano and Thamires Dos Anjos, and 15 students. The club meets twice a month to find ways to make small or large acts of kindness for the benefit of the local population.

Especially today, staying together and showing kindness is important when someone is in trouble. The pandemic has caused stress for everyone, and the KAC is a helpful reminder that there are people out there who want to help in any way they can.

The club did small acts of kindness on campus for staff members, as well as much larger acts of kindness, like making Valentine’s Day cards for retirement homes.

The KAC is always coming up with new ways to help spread kindness. Across the community, there have been three fundraisers this year, including for the soup kitchen, where the club raised food for Thanksgiving meals to donate to residents of Palm Beach County. This year, the club also created a Forgotten Soldiers Awareness Collection, where they collected items to create care packages to send to soldiers overseas.

The KAC is open to any Polo Park student who wishes to enroll, where they will then have the opportunity to make a difference and convince others to be kind to the people they meet.

Spreading this positivity also helps the club. Being kind to the school and the region creates a stronger bond with the students, staff and parents in the community.

This year everyone in the club has had a huge impact on the community. As the Kindness Ambassadors Club continues to grow, members will continue to create good.

Generosity and the idea of ​​putting others first shows that no matter how small an act of kindness is, making a positive impact on someone’s life is what matters most.

– By Alexa Hill

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