Pak pays high price for global carbon crimes: Altaf


Pasban Democratic Party PDP Chairman Altaf Shakoor said Pakistan should be properly compensated for paying a heavy price for global carbon crimes.

He said the recent ‘monsoons on steroids’ are being branded as a result of climate change due to huge carbon emissions in which Pakistan’s share is only about 1%, but despite that nation alone has paid a huge price for the remaining 99% of global carbon. broadcasts, adding now that the world should show its moral responsibility and pay adequate compensation to Pakistan and Pakistanis.

He said the country’s economy is shattered, its social fabric torn and millions of its people driven into homelessness, hunger and disease. He said the global community’s response to help Pakistan deal with this mega human crisis is shamefully cold. He said the global community has globally left Pakistan and Pakistanis ignored and abandoned. He said even NATO countries for whom Pakistan has fought the ‘war on terror’ have turned a blind eye to Pakistan and Pakistanis as they brave one of the gravest human crises in their history. story. He said that in fact we deserved it because we have always fought proxy wars and compromised our own national interests to please the capitalist economy.

Altaf Shakoor said that ideally the IMF, World Bank, Asian Development Bank and other international lenders should immediately cancel all loans from Pakistan. He said the global community should open their hearts and wallets to help Pakistanis in these difficult times. He said Pakistan needed millions of tents, food, field hospitals and emergency medicine. He said that the corresponding international response to this mega crisis is still visible, which is sad and disappointing. He said nature teaches Pakistan hard lessons not to wage proxy wars and tailor national policies according to its own interests and not to become a client state.

Altaf Shakoor has asked the government to announce that it will stop paying all foreign loans and their interest for at least ten years to save its crumbling economy. He said all resources would be allocated to improve the flood drainage system and now this pattern of rains would likely be braved next year and in the future.

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