Ozy built TV show on false claim, ex-producer says

The board of directors of Ozy first welcomed the management of the case by Ozy. “The board of directors has been made aware of the incident and we fully support the way it was managed,” Marc Lasry, a hedge fund manager who was chairman of the board of Ozy, said on Sunday. a statement to the Times. On Tuesday, however, Ozy’s board hired a law firm to investigate the company’s business practices and management team. And on Thursday, Mr Lasry resigned as president, saying Ozy needed someone with more experience in crisis management and investigations.

Questions about Ozy arose among some people long before the call with Goldman Sachs, as documents and interviews related to “The Carlos Watson Show” suggest.

After Mr Bessey and Ms Clements left, the producers adapted the show to the post-production requirements of YouTube Originals, even though they believed it would be posted to the platform like any video generated by users, according to two of the show’s former producers, who spoke on condition of anonymity to protect their job prospects.

The marketing campaign for “The Carlos Watson Show” included billboards and posters in New York and Los Angeles. These advertisements included vivid quotes with attributions. One of those quotes, attributed to the Hollywood website Deadline, called Mr. Watson “the best interviewer on television.” This description appeared in a Deadline article for July 31, 2020, but was taken from a statement by Mr. Rao praising Mr. Watson. Another quote described Mr. Watson as “Anderson Cooper meets Oprah”. This line, attributed to the Los Angeles Times, was taken from an advertising supplement that Ozy published in that newspaper.

Mr Bessey and another person who worked on the show said the marketing was aimed at potential investors and television and advertising executives, rather than viewers in general. The campaign seems to have worked, at least on one front. Sponsors of the “Carlos Watson Show” include Chevrolet and other large corporations.

Some of the videos on the YouTube channel “The Carlos Watson Show” have received less than 100 views, while others have hundreds of thousands or over a million views. Those numbers, and the small number of comments on most videos, “may indicate a paid boost,” according to an analysis from Tubular Labs, a company that tracks audiences for videos online.

It’s common for companies to pay YouTube to place ads that automatically appear onscreen before videos, which increases the number of views. Tubular Labs suggests that Ozy may be using this tactic with his videos.

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