MHA insists on kindness following COVID-19 outbreak in Lewisporte-Twillingate district

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The MHA of the province’s Lewisporte-Twillingate district insists on kindness following the COVID-19 outbreak in the district.

There are 33 confirmed cases linked to the Notre Dame Bay cluster, along with 11 other presumptives.

Derek Bennett says he has been in contact with many people who have tested positive and is concerned that some have come forward saying fingers pointed at them on social media as the cause of the epidemic.

Bennett says it was difficult to hear part of what was being said, which prompted him to take to social media with his post asking for kindness.

He says it’s not a message he wanted to get across, but he did it to stand up for those who are blamed, he calls on residents to come together during this time.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Fogo Island is unsure why they were not directly included in the lockdown zone linked to the central Newfoundland cluster, but he is convinced that public health is doing the right thing. .

The Restricted Zone occupies a large expanse of the island but stops away from Change and Fogo Islands.

Mayor Wayne Collins says that while they are not part of the lockdown, they are just as concerned as the rest of the area and are limiting travel and activities.

He says they have been advised to travel only when necessary, such as for medical reasons and for work.

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