Merrill’s “In the Light” Performs 20 Acts of Kindness for 20 Years

MERRILL, Wisconsin (WSAW) – Merrill utility company, In the Light, LLC, is celebrating its 20th anniversary with 20 acts of kindness.

The first was a long-term project to shed light surrounding the relocated TB Scott Mansion tower, owner Dan Langhoff said.

It was the start of a year of giving.

“It really gave us even more community. We kind of reconnect with the community. Sometimes you lose touch with it, ”Langhoff said.

This act was one of a 20-part series devoted to giving back to the community Langhoff has been a part of his entire life.

“A lot of people have big openings, reopenings. 20 years of this or that. But to match that with giving back to the community was what we thought was great, ”Langhoff said.

By mid-year, they’ve now completed ten acts. These include donating to the fire department and delivering cookies to nurses at the Marshfield Clinic. Director of Communications Sasha Everett says nurses responded happily to the cookies.

“With everything the doctors and nurses have done over the past year and more, just to see them be so grateful for it. It was truly a heartwarming moment. And it’s really like that everywhere.

In the human societies of Lincoln and Marathon counties, in luminescent races and rodeos, they saw smiles everywhere.

“What we give we get back. And that’s the best part about it, ”Langhoff said.

They have to wait for a few things before working on the above-surface lighting, but they hope to finish it by fall.

They also have a lot more acts of kindness planned around the holiday season. To follow, you can follow their Facebook page for updates.

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