Melissa Butler is the real beauty behind the lip bar

The past year and a half has been one of the most difficult in American history, physically, psychologically and financially. But for Melissa Butler, founder of The lip bar, it was another in a series of challenges she not only overcame, but embraced while growing her now nine-year-old brand, which has gone from a dazzling line of lip shades to a full line of vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics.

“You have to be so determined to change and so open to pivoting to see yourself and your business move from point A to point B, consistently,” she told us on Big Beauty Tuesday this week.

This change includes his newest and now favorite product, Just a Tint 3 in 1 Tint Conditioner, one of the key innovations Butler has added to The Lip Bar over the past year. As the brand has taken hold of the shelves of retailers like Target, it has also made its founder one of the most successful and fastest growing entrepreneurs in the beauty industry, in large part because ‘she remains attentive to the needs of her clients (even those that they are not aware of).

“When I think of change or innovation, I really tap into the lifestyle I want to live,” says Butler.

As we chat, it’s a lifestyle and a journey that she’s charted on her own terms, not only pushing back the status quo of the beauty industry, but carving out her own. lane and success in his hometown of Detroit, stepping out of the oversaturated New York marketplace to prove his business could thrive anywhere.

“The world doesn’t make decisions for you,” she says. “You follow your heart and you follow your gut.”

Like the nuances she creates, Butler’s impact is indelible, and as one of the the inaugural class of The Glow Up 50, we were delighted to welcome her to Big Beauty Tuesday.

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