Marc Jalbert: “Calm the madness” of too many TV commercials

I would like to talk about television commercials.

We all know that ads are a necessary evil that most of us hate. Having said that, the mute button is my salvation. What I fail to understand is the obsession of advertisers / networks with the method of bombardment that they constantly impose on us. An ad, with another ad, then a repeat of the one just posted.

Are the bombing breaks of seven to eight per hour necessary? Especially in a dramatic program, it stuns our concentration and the fluidity of the story. When we returned from the program, where were we?

The time spent on ads is horrible. Sometimes you wonder if the program will even come back. Sometimes they slip into an ad so easily that people don’t realize they’re in it.

I just can’t understand the motivation to show the same blocks of ads throughout a program, or even an evening of viewing. We get the message that we are just too stupid to realize their foolish need to brainwash us.

What school of thought educated them in their onslaught which ultimately results in totally desensitizing us to their messages? More is not better; more is just more boring.

How many car and drug ads should I be attacked with? And I submit that for the most part, with the exception of the funding aspect of the program, I am in no way positively motivated by a commercial period.

I wish something could be done to calm the madness.

Marc Jalbert, Lewiston

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