Lost wallet set up a chain reaction of cuteness

When Laurie Fenby was shopping at a garage sale in Rochester, New York, she didn’t expect something she found on the floor to change her life. As she roamed the aisles, she spotted a wallet on the floor, and with no one else around, she decided she needed to find the owner of the wallet and return it to them.

Good News Network / Ethel Chadwick

Inside the wallet was a Jamaican driver’s license and both US money and Jamaican money. Laurie’s first instinct was to search the internet for the man’s name from the ID, but after a quick search she still couldn’t find the owner. Her next step in locating the man by ID was to post on social networking site Nextdoor, which put her in direct contact with her neighbors in the area.

One of Laurie’s neighbors suggested that she contact a store that employed Jamaican migrant workers. And after that, Laurie was put in touch with George, the man who had lost his wallet. But the story does not end there.

After discovering that George was working as an apple picker with other migrant workers, Laurie set out to provide the men with everything they might need to make their lives more comfortable. Soon Laurie organized a clothing drive with the help of her neighbors through Nextdoor and the community sent in many shirts, shoes, pants and toiletries for the workers.

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