Local Chat Between Us: How Do We Install the Among Us Voice Module and Why Everyone Should Use It?

Among us, the proximity chat is perhaps the best addition to the game since day one. The Voice Chat Mod adds a completely different dimension to the game!

The list of Mods among us is already long. Among us, single player, Among Us Zombie Fashion, 100 player mode, you name it and there’s a good chance someone has already created a mod for it. However, most of them are only minor modifications and have limited entertainment value. The proximity cat among us is another story, however.

Why install the Proximity Chat Mod among us?

What makes Among Us such a cool game despite its simplicity? Suspense and friends, right? What the Proximity Chat Mod does is add another layer of realism. The Mod allows people to chat in-game while roaming a ship, based on their proximity to another player.

So, this means that you can use Crewmates to browse a map to exchange vital information without being limited to meetings only. It also means that imposters can be more psychological in their approach and their teammates gentle in dark corners. Basically the mod makes the game a lot more fun.

How to install the Mod?

The Mod is only available for PC players at the moment. The process is very simple. First of all, head to this link. Then download the executable file (.exe file) and install it. This is the Crewlink app you need to play Mod. You may receive an antivirus notification, ignore it because the app is perfectly safe.

Once you’ve installed it, you’re good to go. We recommend watching the short 4 minute video below for easy access.

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