LoanPASS and the LendingWise team will offer private lenders multi-product PPE integrated into an all-in-one LOS


LoanPASS – next generation business intelligence automation for all lending entities and lending products

LendingWise is an all-in-one web-based CRM, LOS, service and marketplace platform that is widely leveraged by commercial and private lenders and originators of all sizes.

LendingWise – a comprehensive cloud-based platform designed for commercial and private lenders

Strategic Alliance Aims to Significantly Improve Pricing and Eligibility Process for Private Money Lending Programs

We are very excited to partner with the phenomenal team at LendingWise who have developed a feature-rich, all-inclusive, cloud-based LOS from the ground up for the private money lending space.

—Mike Lewis, President of LoanPASS

MIAMI, FLA., USA, October 19, 2022 / — LoanPASSa fast-growing financial technology provider focused on next-generation business intelligence automation for all types of lending entities and lending products, and LoanWisea fully web-based, all-in-one CRM, LOS, service and marketplace platform widely leveraged by commercial and private lenders and originators of all sizes, jointly announced a strategic partnership that delivers a product and a robust pricing engine (PPE) integrated into a comprehensive loan origination system (LOS) that caters to commercial and private lenders.

The new interface combines the power of two distinct technology functions that are essential to the success of private lenders. LoanPASS has developed a highly configurable, industry-neutral decision engine for use by all types of lending entities. It returns instant and accurate results on any type of loan product. The low-cost PPE solution resides behind the scenes and is accessible to users working through the LendingWise LOS workflow through to the formal underwriting process and funding stage.

“We are very pleased to partner with the phenomenal team at LendingWise who have built from the ground up a feature-rich, all-inclusive, cloud-based LOS for the private money lending space,” said Mike Lewis. , President of LoanPASS. “The synergies between our two companies will bring new value to end users operating within LOS and to brokers working directly with borrowers. Seeing the new features, it is obvious to start exploiting the integration. »

LendingWise’s comprehensive cloud-based platform provides users with pre-configured product options for Bridge, Repair & Turnaround, Construction, Rental, Portfolio, Agency/Convention, SBA, MCA, equipment and also exclusive loans. LoanPASS’s easy-to-use interface takes product and pricing management a step further by giving non-technical users the unique ability to easily add new private loan products and post live changes to product eligibility adjustments. existing products and prices.

In order to optimize the display of LoanPASS decision capability on websites or portals for commercial and private lender customers, the integration leverages iFrame technology to extend a personalized presentation of their specific products, prices and eligibility fields. This takes white labeling to a much easier and inexpensive level while maintaining the lender’s own brand image and unique customer experience. LoanPASS also offers contemporary APIs that third-party vendors can use to seamlessly integrate with its decision engine for free.

“Our alliance with LoanPASS is poised to make it easier for customers to roll out new private money lending products, while bringing changes to existing programs,” said Chris Fuelling, CEO of LendingWise. “Using LoanPASS’ business-side monitoring tools in conjunction with LendingWise’s turnkey all-in-one platform, lenders can now immediately release product and pricing updates to their brokers as they arise. must in this volatile market — at the speed of action Enterprise.”

LendingWise and LoanPASS apply the latest software development techniques and languages, deliver their solutions on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis, and reside securely in the cloud. The two fintech providers each reside in Miami, Florida and were founded in 2017 and 2019 respectively.

About LoanPASS:
Founded in 2019 and based in Miami, Florida, LoanPASS is led by seasoned industry veterans with decades of experience. The company’s flagship product, LoanPASS, is a modern, data-driven product pricing and decision-making engine that is elegantly designed and easy to use. A SaaS-based solution that resides in the cloud, its modern and open APIs enable seamless integrations with leading CRM, POS and LOS vendors, enabling simple and cost-effective system-to-system connectivity. The LoanPASS solution enables mortgage investors, independent mortgage bankers, banks, credit unions and private lenders to have unparalleled control over loan products, pricing, stipulations and underwriting decisions. LoanPASS is unique among fintech solutions because it is the only platform capable of handling any loan product – from the most complex mortgage to consumer, personal, business and commercial loans – making it an ideal solution for streamlining lending processes across different verticals. In 2022, LoanPASS was recognized as one of Miami’s fastest growing fintechs. To learn more, visit the company’s website at or call 561-254-5971.

About LendingWise:
Founded in 2017 and based in Miami, Florida, LendingWise is a fully web-based CRM, LOS, service and marketplace platform used by lenders and originators of all sizes. At the heart of the platform is a turnkey, configurable POS system for almost any loan product. LendingWise makes it easy to accept a personalized loan application and automates required document collection and workflow steps. Forwarding or sharing a loan file through the trading room will speed up loan closes or sales to investors post-close. Fintech innovation is deeply embedded in their DNA as they continually evolve the platform to suit an ever-changing lending landscape. The needs and challenges of LendingWise customers drive them to constantly improve the user experience, reduce transaction costs and closing times. For more information, visit the company’s website


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