Jeff Houghton to end TV show, The Mystery Hour will adopt live-only format

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– A lot of people know the story of Jeff Houghton (how Houghton, a proud Midwestern son, moved to the big city to intern for David Letterman and returned to start his own late night show. ) but only he knows exactly what is the next step for his show; now a staple of entertainment in Springfield.

Houghton, father of The Mystery Hour, took over the show on air in 2012. Prior to that, he spent five years hosting the show live for in-person crowds at an improv theater in Springfield. Today, four Emmy’s, 17 TV markets, and almost a decade later, it is returning to its pre-air roots.

Houghton doesn’t expect his departure to be easy. In fact, he called the decision to leave “agonizing.”

“It has always been a passion for me,” he admits.

Knowing that this isn’t the end of The Mystery Hour, just the end of the time Houghton shares with the broadcast audience, might have made that decision easier. From now on, Houghton’s Hour will always be appreciated, but only by those who watch it live and in person.

Additionally, Internet content consumers can keep an eye out for other often popular digital short films from the host (see Instagram Husband below), as Houghton has no plans to stop making them.

On Friday, June 18, 2021, Houghton made every effort to record the last broadcast of his show.

“It will be a great show,” he told KOLR10 News. “We will have a large audience. We’re going to put on quite a show and it will always be so poor!

Tickets for the last recorded mystery hour for the Houghton broadcast can be purchased at The Gillioz Theater.

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