Intimacy on the Web, with a crowd

Kari Lerum, a sociologist at the University of Washington, Bothell, where she studies the sex industries, said caming could provide more comfort and autonomy than other sex jobs. “Women work outside the home, it’s safe, they have more control over working conditions,” she said.

Lawrence Walters, a Florida lawyer with expertise in obscenity law, said there was nothing inherently illegal about cam shows, as long as the models were over 18.

There is another risk. “There is a perception that you may be an invisible webcam model,” he says. “That’s not always the case.”

Serena Blair, the stage name of another cam model, studied biology at a major university but came to cam in 2011, frustrated that she couldn’t find a research position that paid more than the minimum wage. . Now, in a good month, he said, he earns $ 8,000 in tips. But the choice to become a model carries weight: she fears that her parents will avoid her if they find out how she makes money. He can’t get cams into his legitimate resume, and not long ago he worked a night at a strip club, something he thought he would never do (and swears he won’t do it again).

Lacey faced more immediate problems. Two years ago, a particularly heavy tipper started asking what clothes to wear. It became threatening. Afraid of losing his tips, he initially accepted his requests, but then stopped. Soon after, her real identity started appearing on the internet, linked to her webcam name and real address.

She went to the police, but was told there was nothing to be done; putting real information on the Internet is not illegal. (He got the sites where his information seemed to remove it.) Then, he found that the same man had discovered several other patterns, or threatened to do so. “My big fear is that you will call my parents and tell them. If that happens, I’ll take care of it, but it won’t be cool if it does, “Lacey said, adding,” Walking is like doing small-scale porn. Your image is out there forever. You have to agree with this before joining it. “

Some cam models said they weren’t prepared. “Walking is incredibly isolating work,” wrote one woman, echoing the feelings of others she reached on an Internet cam modeling forum, noting that she was confident and happy in front of the camera and increasingly withdrawn into the real world. “I’ve spent so many hours a day” being the person who was on the webcam, she wrote, “that I have days where I don’t feel like myself anymore.”

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