Instagram begins to bring DMs to the web

Instagram is finally bringing direct messages to the web. As of today, a “small percentage” of the platform’s global users will be able to access their DMs from the Instagram website, which should be useful for businesses, influencers and anyone else. which sends a lot of DMs, while helping to complete the application. experience on all devices. Today’s deployment is just a test, the company says, and more details on a potential large-scale deployment will come in the future.

The direct messaging experience will be essentially the same through the browser as on mobile. You can create new groups or start a chat with someone from the DM screen or a profile page; you can also double-tap to like a message, share photos from desktop, and see the total number of unread messages you have. You will be able to receive desktop DM notifications if you enable Instagram site-wide notifications in your browser. Instagram says it will “continue to iterate” on this point during the test.

When asked why Instagram is prioritizing web DMs over something like an iPad app, a company spokesperson referred to The edge go back to its usual rationale and said that DMs on the web help its users “stay in touch with the people you care about.”

Facebook has put more and more emphasis on messaging over the past year. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Told The New York Times As of last spring, “private messages, groups and stories” were the “three fastest growing areas of online communication”. Instagram Stories are already on the web, and with today’s announcement, Instagram is now allowing some of its users to also access group chats and private messages from the browser, which is in line with this. that Zuckerberg said he and the company would prioritize.

Zuckerberg said last year that the company plans to eventually allow Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram users to send messages to each other, regardless of the platform they use. We haven’t heard how the company plans to achieve this feat, but the browser could potentially play an important role, if only to give users even more flexibility as to where they have conversations.

I have been lobbying for Instagram DMs on the web mainly because I am a journalist who occasionally contacts sources through Instagram. I also live on my laptop most of the day, so treating Instagram DMs like I do with any other desktop chat app streamlines my process and makes chatting faster and easier with my friends and my sources.

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