In conversation from Indian Wells: Roger Federer

Over the weekend, I scoured some archives and came across an interview that most people would never have read before.

It was a conference call Roger attended in 2000 before the Indian Wells tournament (he lost in qualifying that year), and fans were able to tune in and ask him questions.

Federer was only eighteen at the time, and as you can imagine his answers weren’t as elaborate as they are today. 😁

The full transcript is below. Enjoy.

In conversation from Indian Wells: Roger Federer

Roger Federer: Hi all!

Fredou: Hi Roger, how are you from Toulouse?

Roger Federer: Always the same; I had very good results.

Hubi: Roger, what is your favorite surface?

Roger Federer: Interior Greenset as in Marseille.

Hubi: Well, we don’t have good venues in Poland – have you ever been to Poland?

Roger Federer: I have only been to Poland once before.

Rachel: Where did you start tennis?

Roger Federer: I started playing in a tennis club in Basel at the age of three.

Biggest_annafan: Do you have a girlfriend?

Roger Federer: No!

Herta: How do you like Marc Rosset?

Roger Federer: I love Rosset, he’s one of my best friends.

Fredou: How many languages ​​do you speak?

Roger Federer: Three, English, French and German.

Fredou: Was it difficult to learn French?

Roger Federer: No, because I went to school for two years in French-speaking Switzerland.

Mel: Are you going to the Olympics?

Roger Federer: Yes, Mel.

Kiki: What would you like to do after your tennis career?

Roger Federer: Relax! 😉

Hubi: What do you think of your Davis Cup team?

Roger Federer: It’s much better now.

Hubi: Do you like to play for your country? Or are you like Kiefer?

Roger Federer: No, I love playing Davis Cup!

Biggest_annafan: Who are your sponsors?

Roger Federer: Nike, Wilson and Babolat.

Lily_2000: Nike and Wilson, like Pete Sampras, lol…

Lucille: Do you have a sister or a brother?

Roger Federer: A sister, she is 20 years old.

Lily_2000: And how old are you?

Roger Federer: 18.

Fredou: Did you know that you can’t go to the casino for 21 years in Monte Carlo?

Roger Federer: Oh, good to know!

Biggest_annafan: Do you like Britney Spears?

Roger Federer: Yes, it is good. 🙂

Gugaboy: Your last name is not German.

Roger Federer: It’s Swiss German.

Lily_2000: What do you think of the cat?

Roger Federer: I love her so much!

Wanda: Do you play golf?

Roger Federer: Yes, I will play it again this afternoon.

Biggest_annafan: Hey, who’s the best tennis player golfer, by the way?

Roger Federer: It’s Chris Woodruff. His handicap is 0!

Fredou: What is your favorite movie?

Roger Federer: Goodwill hunting.

Gugaboy: It’s a great movie, a good choice!

Tennisfan: How about your favorite music group?

Roger Federer: Counting Crows or just techno and trance.

Nini: What sport do you also like?

Roger Federer: Golf, hockey and soccer. When I have time, of course!

Gugaboy: Speaking of the weather, don’t you ever feel tired of traveling all the time?

Roger Federer: Yes, sometimes I feel tired of traveling, but you get used to it.

Tamarine: What is your best weapon in tennis, Roger?

Roger Federer: The forehand.

Nini: Can you still keep in touch with other friends?

Roger Federer: Yeah, on the phone.

Herta: What’s the last concert you visited?

Roger Federer: I’ve never been to a concert.

Prokofiev: Roger, you have a brilliant forehand and good serve. What other areas of your game are you working on specifically with your coach?

Roger Federer: Volleyball and back.

Herta: How do you like the Woodies?

Roger Federer: The Woodies are among the best.

Lily_2000: Roger, what do you like to do in your free time?

Roger Federer: Playstation, music, cinema, friends etc.

Fredou: Do you like to read?

Roger Federer: No, I never read.

Mel: Do you have your own website?

Roger Federer: Yes, But it’s still under construction.

Howdy: Do you like these Masters Series tournaments?

Roger Federer: Yeah, they’re very tough. OK, I have to go now. It was nice to chat with you.

Gugaboy: You are a very young man! Congratulations on your career. And very good luck forever …

Roger Federer: Thank you, Guga! Maybe we’ll talk again another time. Ciao!

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