Impossible sale alert, construction sites still in progress, new legislation


There is no peace for house bonuses that have already entered a frenzied phase for sure.

Stay-at-home bonuses have been a recovery tool for the construction sector during the acute phase of Covid.

At first they were very popular with everyone, but then the importance of the tool began to be felt. from the access Certainly very easy.

New legislation spooks banks

€4.4 billion Falsification Featured on various awards and government He started to be very skeptical about this tool. But now the yards Serious risk of quitting Many have already quit. The problem is precisely that it is difficult to sell credit.

But as we will see, she is not the only one. When the government imposed a moratorium on the sale of credits Italian post He even shut down the crediting portal. With the new legislation, the sale seemed to have resumed but in reality it was only an appearance. In fact, new government legislation providing for a transfer of credits up to a maximum of three has been increased to 4 in fact It is very complex and exposes you to very high risks.

Stopping of construction sites

The result is that Poste Italiane, Unicredit Intesa Sanpaolo and others have become very reluctant to accept waivers. resulting from the reward. Thus, construction sites are now burdened with an exaggerated amount of bureaucratic tasks, in addition to the fear of increasingly strict controls. Doubt that the loan will remain in the hands and impossibility of reselling it Then many construction sites stopped. There is a risk that the whole construction sector will suffer a strong backlash and that multiple revisions of legislation will be necessary.

construction sector risks

However, not everyone is convinced that a legislative revision can revive the premium. In fact, many fear constantly rewriting bonus rules It just risks making everything more messy and complicated. Obviously, from the construction world, there is always the hope that granting loans will become easy again, but the banks are becoming too mistrustful And they no longer want to accept bad debts so as not to get bogged down in controls and sanctions that would only be a huge headache.


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