How to set custom wallpaper for individual chats on Android, iPhone

Whatsapp recently announced new updates to its messaging app, which will bring improvements to the wallpapers. Most of the update is now live Android and ios users, and will be visible to users. Just make sure you have updated to the latest version of WhatsApp on the Google Play Store or the Apple Application store.

Wallpapers on Whatsapp have four major updates. These include custom chat wallpapers, additional doodle wallpapers, an updated wallpaper gallery, and the ability to set separate wallpapers for the clear and light modes settings. dark. The new feature now allows users to also set a custom chat wallpaper for each individual chat. According to WhatsApp, this can help ensure that the chat stands out and that users don’t end up messaging the wrong chat.

The wallpapers will now also match the settings for the Light and Dark themes. So when you change your phone settings, the wallpaper also changes accordingly. Here’s how to set a custom wallpaper for an individual chat on iPhone or Android.

How to set a custom WhatsApp wallpaper on iPhone or Android

* Check if your device has the latest version of Whatsapp installed. Otherwise, update to the latest version of the app from the respective store.

* Open the chat and tap on the contact’s name to access their contact information

* Tap Wallpaper and sound

* Tap choose new wallpaper

* You can now choose from the latest WhatsApp wallpapers. You can also choose from the old wallpapers which you can access by tapping on the wallpaper archive.

* You can also choose a custom photo from your phone’s gallery as your custom wallpaper

* After choosing the wallpaper you want to use, swipe left or right to preview the wallpaper

* Tap Set and adjust the wallpaper gradation to fine-tune the brightness.

That’s it, you have now set a custom wallpaper for the individual chat. Keep in mind that for groups, you can only change the wallpaper if you are an administrator.

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