How to protect yourself from online beauty scammers

Dr. Kemi Fabusiwa, physician and director of Joyful Skin, suggests that losing money might be the least of our concerns when shopping from third-party sellers who may offer fake beauty products. “The worst case scenario is that you can cause potentially serious and permanent damage to your skin,” Dr Fabusiwa told R29. “Counterfeits can be manufactured and stored under unregulated conditions, leaving the consumer at risk of purchasing and applying products that are chemically unstable, expired or colonized by bacteria,” she added. “Other products deliberately contain harmful and cheap filler ingredients such as paint thinner and heavy metals.” Dr Zainab Laftah, consultant dermatologist at HCA The Shard, agrees. “While it is tempting to buy potentially counterfeit skin care products for a fraction of the price, the consequences for your skin can be dire. Genuine skin care products undergo extensive testing to establish their safety. and quality control is essential. ” Dr Laftah explains that such products can lead to skin inflammation (known as irritant contact dermatitis), skin sensitivity, post-inflammatory pigmentation, and skin infections, in addition to other problems.
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