How to include vitamin C in your beauty regimen

If there is one ingredient that you need to boost your skin regimen, it is vitamin C. It is not only an essential nutrient that you should eat every day, but also a wonderful ingredient for your skin. A powerful antioxidant for your skin care, vitamin C is a buzz-worthy ingredient.

Before we talk about how you can include vitamin C in your day and night skincare routine, let’s dig deeper into the wonders it does for you.

How vitamin C works for your skin

Many beauty lovers swear by this miracle vitamin. Why? Because vitamin C is one of the most effective multitasking heroes suitable for all skin types.

Starting your day with a refreshing vitamin C facial cleanser will cleanse your skin without disrupting its natural moisture barrier while a toner will hydrate it and calm irritated segments. Applying vitamin C day cream with your sunscreen will further protect you from the sun’s harmful rays.

1. The vital, water-soluble nutrient helps fade pigmentation and brightens your skin tone. It fights free radicals, thus preserving your skin from blemishes and dull complexion.

2. Vitamin C encourages cell regeneration and causes your skin to produce more collagen and elastin fibroblasts. Therefore, adding vitamin C to your skin care routine will help restore firmness, leaving your skin looking plumped and plumped.

3, In addition to brightening your skin tone, it also helps to smooth the texture of the skin, making it soft and supple.

4. Approximately 64% of the skin is made up of water, and therefore, it is crucial to keep it hydrated at all times. Vitamin C helps your skin to retain moisture and keep it hydrated, leaving it looking glowing and healthy.

5. If you are one of those people who suffer from inflammation or redness from overexposure to the sun or the like, add vitamin C to your skin care regimen now. It treats inflammation and also reduces redness to give your skin an even complexion.

Vitamin C serums are water based, lightweight and easy to absorb. Safe and effective also for oily skin, the serum increases moisture retention in your skin, in addition to other benefits. The rule of thumb is to cleanse, tone, apply serum and moisturize.

These benefits would have convinced you already that vitamin C is the holy grail for your skin, but you still might not know how to include it in your skin care routine.

AM or PM: when and how to best use the hero ingredient for smoother, fuller skin

Using a vitamin C day cream with a minimum of SPF15 will protect your skin against free radical damage from the sun’s rays. A dose of vitamin C for your skin at night is also beneficial. Your skin undergoes its natural repair process while you sleep. So, adding a vitamin C night cream to your nighttime skincare regimen will give you the most effective results. Plus, if you plan to use the ingredient in the morning, Vitamin C Facial Foam along with Vitamin C Facial Serum gives you a double dose of potent antioxidant properties.

Dos and Don’ts

Many people believe that using vitamin C during the day can make your skin sensitive to the sun, and therefore, you should only use it at night. Well, that’s not true. Said vitamin is acidic in its pure form, and unlike some other acids, vitamin C does not increase sensitivity to the sun. Always keep vitamin C products out of direct sunlight, as this may affect potency and oxidize the product.

All in all, start by gradually introducing vitamin C into your skin care regimen, and you are good to go.

With contributions from Dolly Kumar, cosmetic engineer and founder and director of Cosmic Nutracos.

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