How to Buy AAVE in 2022 – Top 4 Sites


Aave has become a well-known decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol in the crypto markets. Currently, it is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies that investors can look to for gains in 2022.

How to invest in Aave? This guide will show you how to buy Aave and the best cryptocurrency exchanges to invest with, where you will find this altcoin under the symbol AAVE.

Where to buy AAVE in 2022

Since Aave is one of the best cryptos in the market, there are several crypto exchanges that you can use to buy Aave coins. Unfortunately, not all exchanges offer similar features; Here are the main exchanges you should consider:

  • eToro – the best global platform to buy Aave
  • Binance – top crypto exchange to buy Aave
  • Coinbase – the easiest and fastest exchange to buy Aave
  • Webull – the best crypto exchange with relatively affordable fees


eToro is arguably the best exchange to buy Aave. The broker is regulated and offers a plethora of financial markets, such as indices, stocks, currencies, commodities and several cryptos are offered.

eToro’s fees are one of the best because first, you will be able to buy Aave without paying any trading commission – it’s a similar case if you decide to cash out.

The platform is one of the best for beginners because it’s simple to use, the signup process only takes a few minutes, and funding your account is a breeze. Also, the exchange offers several deposit methods, such as PayPal, credit/debit card, wire transfers, UnionPay, wire transfer, among others.

The minimum deposit on eToro was recently lowered to just $10.

Once you have purchased Aave cryptocurrencies on eToro, you can choose to hold them in the eToro wallet, transfer them to eToro’s crypto wallet, or withdraw them to your own digital wallet.

The platform is also regulated as it holds licenses from CySEC, FCA, ASIC, and FinCEN, which means your funds are managed securely.

Moreover, traders can automatically copy the trades of other top crypto traders easily, which means beginners will have no problem making profits.

Buy AAVE on eToro.

Crypto-assets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No investor protection in UK or EU.


Binance has built a reputation over several years and it is one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world that you can consider buying Aave. Moreover, it is home to several marketplaces and you can buy Aave in exchange for other cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, and Tether.

Ideally, you should deposit digital currency into the exchange and exchange it for Aave tokens. Interestingly, the platform allows deposits via debit/credit cards; however, you will be charged a fee of approximately 1.8% using such method. Luckily, the platform only charges a trading commission of 0.1% per slide.

The platform accepts multiple fiat currencies and major financial regulators regulate it,,,,; therefore, your funds are safe and secure.

Buy AAVE on Binance.

Your capital is in danger.


Coinbase is one of the most reputable exchanges and accepts customers from an array of countries around the world. The platform offers trades for multiple markets and supports over 100 cryptocurrencies.

The Coinbase Pro exchange – accessible using the same credentials you use on Coinbase – charges a 0.1% fee to buy and sell crypto, and less for traders with high trading volume at the course of the last 30 days.

There are several deposit options, such as wire transfers, debit and credit cards, and wire transfers. Transaction fees depend on the type of deposit method you select. The trading platform is simple to use – day traders who want to use advanced technical analysis (TA) indicators may prefer Binance.

Buy AAVE on Coinbase.

Your capital is in danger.


Webull is a good mobile option for most active traders – in fact, it’s a mobile-focused exchange. It offers the best platform functionality and the exchange has no account minimum which means there is no minimum deposit requirement.

Additionally, the exchange has no commission, no per-contract fees on options, and offers commission-free ETFs and stock trading. Additionally, there are no withdrawal fees on ACH transfers and you won’t be charged any inactivity fees.

Wire transfer is the most preferred method for depositing and withdrawing funds since wire transfers are expensive. There is no minimum deposit at Webull and the user interface is beginner-friendly.

The platform offers paper trading as well as access to traditional IRAs, rolling IRAs, and Roth IRAs.

Buy AAVE on Webull.

Your capital is in danger.

What is Aave?

AAVE is a DeFi protocol that allows traders to easily borrow and lend cryptos through blockchain technology. It ensures that lenders have the opportunity to earn interest on deposits and that borrowers are exposed to multiple cryptocurrencies.

Interestingly, no intermediaries are required when using Aave, as the whole system is simply managed autonomously via smart contracts. Aave does not even hold or store user funds; instead, it operates on a noncustodial protocol, meaning borrowers and lenders are connected in a fully P2P manner.

Since its launch in 2017, Aave has transformed into a multi-billion dollar market capitalization crypto. Learn more about the Aave crypto project.

Should I buy Aave?

If you are still wondering if you should add Aave to your crypto wallet, here are some things about this DeFi coin that might help you make a conclusive decision:

Excellent Staking Token

Aave can also be used for staking on the decentralized protocol. When a trader stakes Aave, he is entitled to rewards and this amount is based on the amount a trader is willing to stake.

Therefore, in this way, they lend their tokens to the platform’s liquidity pool with the aim of ensuring sufficient levels of liquidity for traders looking to use the platform to borrow funds.

Best Borrowing and Lending DeFi Exchange

The Aave protocol hosts the best DeFi exchange that allows lenders and borrowers to interact seamlessly without an intermediary. The platform has been designed in such a way that lenders can easily earn interest on digital assets directly in their network wallets.

This is an interesting thing for the mass adoption of its native token given that rewards and payments are all made with AAVE. Eventually, this will increase the value of AAVE.

Huge price growth

Towards the end of 2020, the price of the Aave token was around $53. Fast forward to May 2021, the price hit an all-time high of $668, an increase of around 1000% in one year. Even though the price of AAVE has now corrected, AAVE has come a long way and could potentially retest its highs in 2022.

Aave Price

The current price of Aave is around $145, with a 24-hour trading volume of around $4 million. The crypto has a circulating supply of around 13 million Aave coins with a total supply of around 16 million.

Aave Price Prediction

Given that Aave is arguably the most widely used DeFi exchange, its price since launch is unprecedented. For example, Aave started the year at around $262, which means the price has undergone a correction and is currently trading at a discount.

From the trend of recent performance, various analysts predict that the future is bright for Aave. For example, Walletinvestor predicts that Aave will reach over $4,500 by 2026, which means you will get an increase of around 700% in the next five years. The trading beast predicts that this digital asset will reach around $1300 by the end of this year.

Aave price predictions are not an exact science as Aave is still gaining momentum in the DeFi space. However, the general consensus is that DeFi coins are the next big thing in blockchain technology.

Conclusion – eToro – Best platform to buy Aave

Aave has grown in popularity in recent years and was one of the top performers in the crypto markets in 2021. Many analysts predict that it will continue its bullish trend in 2022.

You can easily buy Aave tokens on an online exchange, with eToro being the most regulated platform. It offers commission-free trading with a plethora of deposit options.

Since eToro is a social trading platform where all users are given their own Facebook-style wall where they can post their market thoughts, it is also a useful tool for market research.

You can network with other people investing in Aave, hear their thoughts on Aave price action, discuss the potential ROI to be gained from buying Aave tokens, and copy professional investors on the same platform.

Buy AAVE on eToro now.

Crypto-assets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No investor protection in UK or EU. Your capital is in danger. Additionally, 68% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You have to ask yourself if you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

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