How Kate Bock Practices Everyday Well-Being: Food, Beauty and Fitness

For Bock, the heart of taking care of itself, of her body and of her skin in mind, begins with food. “Healthy eating really guides me through the day, week, month. It’s the thing that really runs my life. Eating is really the main source of energy, skin clarity and well-being in my body and in myself, ”she says.

What does this mean in practice? She does a regular breakfast practice (“Two eggs, olive oil and an avocado,” she says). She prepares marinated chicken thighs weekly so that she can add them to her lunch (“Usually a large salad with toasted pine nuts, toasted chickpeas, toasted almonds, avocado, olive oil. ‘olive and different greens, “she says.) Snacks are usually nut butter, Abby’s Better Nut Butter, and for dinner, more protein (” We make chicken, fish, or steak, “she says. her. ”) And finally, stay hydrated. (“I drink so much water, I don’t really like that much water,” she laughs.)

And while that’s what works for Bock, she notes that everyone should feel comfortable taking their own journey to find what fuels them best. “It takes a minute [to find what works for you]. I think a lot of people are really hard on themselves, but it takes a minute to figure out what you’re putting into your body, what’s going to give you good energy, what’s going to give you clear skin, and what’s going to be okay. somehow make you feel good, ”she says.

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