Horoscopes: September 30 – October 6, 2021

Pattsy Bennett has gathered her horoscopes for the week of September 30 to October 6, 2021. This week’s celebrity birthday is Guy Pearce.

Celebrity pick: Guy Pearce, October 5, 1967

There’s a lot of luck for Guy towards the end of the year, and chances are she’ll involve someone or a project that is close to his heart. He could also benefit financially, but on one condition: he avoids taking unnecessary risks. He is poised to invest more and more in people and businesses that have meaning and purpose for him or that involve a theme of healing both for himself and for others.


Next Wednesday’s new moon will help Aries born in March revitalize your relationships and Aries born in April will refresh your health and daily routine. If you find some communications and relationships difficult at the moment, rest assured that Monday’s stars will be better for chats. Someone may need your help and if you need help they will be available.


Prepare for a change of pace in your work and daily routine, especially if you were born in April. Wednesday’s New Moon might rekindle your interest in a creative project, family affair, or love affair. It will be a romantic weekend, so why not set up a date?


Get ready for a new dynamic in your home life, your family, your daily routine or regarding a property. It’s a good time for home decorating, romance, and for improving relationships with those you share your home and plans with. You’ll be in demand at work, so get ready to shine!


It’s a good week for you to focus on improving your relationships, especially with people with whom you share key concerns like tasks and finances. Some crabs may encounter an old opponent, and the better you handle the encounter, the better for you. A trip or a midweek meeting will be important.


Seek more balance by smoothing out inconsistent or erratic circumstances. You may find that someone is intensely sensing key issues that you disagree with, and a sensitive approach will be needed. Next Wednesday’s New Moon will kick off a new phase financially and, for some, in your personal life. Avoid gambling.


A great meeting can transform a key relationship, but you need to avoid misunderstandings. You can reach a turning point at work. Be prepared to negotiate. Next Wednesday’s New Moon marks a new chapter in your personal life that involves some tough decisions. Help is at hand, so be prepared to discuss ideas.


It’s a good week to boost interpersonal dynamics. Avoid ego battles and establish mutual territory. Next Wednesday’s New Moon signals the chance of turning a corner in a relationship, especially for Libra at the end of September. October Scales can start a new daily routine due to changes in work or health.


The focus on health will inspire you to improve your fitness, appearance, or diet, and new keys will point to significant changes. This weekend you will enjoy being with like-minded people and a reunion or a trip could be romantic. Monday’s news heralds better times at home, at work, or with someone special.


The key to success now lies in good communication skills. Avoid conflict by using tact and diplomacy. This weekend you will enjoy a meeting. A decision regarding Wednesday’s New Moon will be a turning point. You will be happy to meet new people and pursue your projects and goals in your daily activities.


You will take a step forward in your status, general orientation or career. You may receive a financial or ego boost. One circumstance will require you to be both strong and impartial. Developments can be therapeutic, but if the opposite occurs, help will be available. You may be asked to help someone yourself.


Be prepared to start a new routine at work or in health. Aim for a balanced approach because a situation can be bittersweet. This weekend you will enjoy a meeting, a favorite activity or a trip. Be prepared to enter into negotiations and discussions around the New Moon next Wednesday so that you can move forward.


A case from your past could come full circle and be exactly what you want. Complex and tactful financial negotiations may be necessary. A new agreement or a new commitment could also mark a new phase in a business or personal partnership. This weekend you will enjoy an uplifting reunion or favorite activity.

Horoscopes September 30 – October 6 2021 with PATSY BENNETT

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