Holden Police Department Hosts Fundraiser for “25 Days of Kindness” Garage Sale

HOLDEN, Maine (WABI) – The Holden Police Department launched a fundraiser for their “25 Days of Kindness” event in December, with a garage sale on Saturday.

This December will mark their 5th year of benevolent action in the community.

From December 1 to Christmas Day, the department donates food, toys, and even money to those in the Penobscot County area.

The Darling’s ice cream truck was also featured at the event today.

All the money raised at the garage sale will be used to fund their kindness.

“Police work can be very confrontational,” said Chief Chris Greeley. “You stop a car and give someone a ticket. You are going into a domestic assault situation. It can be very confrontational. It gives us the opportunity to bond in the community, in a very friendly way, on a very friendly basis. We knock on your door to help you, we do things to help people, it is not to give a ticket to anyone. So it’s a wonderful thing. And we’re able to identify people in the community, whether it’s Holden, anywhere in Penobscot County, and even beyond those who really need help, we’re here for them.

If you are interested in donating to the cause, you can contact the Holden Police Department at 843-5442.

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