Have you met Mme Bonté?

We all have this one person we can never forget. This may be your first love. Your first grief. Your first teacher. Or even your first boss. Whoever that person is, they left a mark on your heart. Mine is not a CEO or someone who holds an important position in a company. He is someone who has shown the light by his kindness. She serves with the greatest generosity that you will never feel like it’s just for the show. This is who she is. Her heart to serve shows how she works with her hands. Her kindness can make you feel so good that you will want to share it with others as well. I wonder how someone can serve and show kindness at the same time? We live in a world where kindness is at a premium. Anyone can serve, but not everyone is kind enough to serve. It is easy to serve in the corporate world in exchange for cash and other perks. Showing kindness is another thing. It can never be paid for with cash, but its ripple effect is invaluable and life changing. I remember it was several years ago when I first met Mrs. Kindness. We were both on mission at that time, and we were partnering to serve a local community. It was never a grand gesture on her part that made me realize how kind she was. It was in his little ways. “Here’s a cookie. I know you are hungry. “I’ll help you set up your bedding. “” Let us pray for each other. Even when she tried to correct me, she never made me feel that I was so wrong. “How about you try to change your plan?” Your plan A didn’t work, but plan B to Z can. I thought this mission would only teach me how I can use my life to serve others. But, Ms. Kindness showed me how service and compassion can make a difference. It made a difference in my life. It inspired me to serve with generosity. We were never paid for the service we rendered, but my outlook on life has changed since then. Thank you to this person who had the courage to serve with kindness. Serve without a hidden agenda. Serve with all your heart. You don’t have to be a CEO or have a job in a company to show that you care. You can serve where you are. We can all serve inside our homes, communities and businesses. This pandemic calls for compassion. A single act of generosity can impact several lives. This world hurts for another Mrs. Bonté. Are you ready to be?

The author is an MBA student at the Ramon V. del Rosario College of Business at De La Salle University. This article is part of his blog for the course Issues and Trends in Business: The CEO Series. Visit his blog at https://justinermanuel.wordpress.com/.

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