Getting to Know: Leogang’s Wyn TV Privateer – Ronan Dunne

We were delighted to hear that the WynTv Privateer Prize is due to return in 2021, as the increase in exposure and bank balance it offers to struggling runners funding their own seasons is invaluable. As part of the award, we are offering the winners an interview on the homepage so that our readers can get to know them better. The first prize winner this year was Ronan Dunne, an Irish rider who finished 29th at Leogang and then went even better at Les Gets when he landed the top 20 with a 17th. This is Ronan’s first Elite season and he seems to fit right into the World Cup squad already. Here is some more information about the Continental Nukeproof driver.

Describe yourself

I would describe myself as an Irish highlander or so I was called.

Where are you from and where do you live?

I am from County Wicklow in Ireland and live on Ballyorney Farm.

How did you come to mountain biking?

I’ve always had a love for bikes but I was testing motorcycles at a young age and was looking for something with a little more speed so a buddy took me on his mountain bike and I got it all. continuation hung.

Who are you riding for?

I’m riding for the Continental Nukeproof race.

What bikes are you riding at the moment?

Nuclear-proof dissent.

Do you have a job outside of mountain biking?

Yes, I work on my family’s farm.

What are your strong points?

I would say technical trail although I prefer fast and rough trails.

What are your weaknesses?

Anything that includes sprinting and cardio.

What were your expectations in 2021?

Mainly just to qualify in the top 60 and gain racing experience for the 2022 season, I wasn’t expecting anything huge from myself, but now I’m aiming for a top 15 as my goal.

How difficult was it to go from Juniors to I Elites? What was the biggest challenge?

It’s definitely a different ball game than the juniors because you go up against the best runners in the world. I only ran 3 Junior World Cups in 2019 and none in 2020 and in those three I didn’t qualify so I didn’t really have that much experience in World Cup racing. This season is definitely a bit of a shock but I’m really enjoying it.

What are some issues that privateers face that people might not realize?

Money is certainly the most important factor, from the motorbike to travel and accommodation costs it adds up quickly. Since I am not working while I am racing, it is quite difficult because I have to ask my family to fund my season, which is not cheap at all. I’m lucky to have the support of a team behind me which helps me tremendously and takes a lot of pressure off so I can focus more on the race rather than how I’m going to get to the next one race.

How will the WynTV Privateer award help your run this year?

The Privateer Prize is definitely a huge help not only for me but also for my parents and relieves the cost of running. I cannot thank Wyn and everyone who gave enough for this.

What has been your worst accident in years?

I probably have to tell Crankworx Innsbruck that I had a big OTB in the final, but I was very lucky because I didn’t have a broken bone or serious injury that kept me from riding.

What is your greatest achievement?

So far 17th in the World Cup in Les Gets has been a shock and it’s so good to get into the top 20.

What is your biggest regret?

I haven’t raced enough as a youngster or junior, as I’ve only done six races away from Ireland, I feel like I don’t have much experience to enter Elite yet as I wanted.

Where is your favorite place to ride?

Morzine is 100% up there as one of my favorites as there is so much to choose from like Pleney and the town itself is good.

What’s your favorite website for non-bikes?

Facebook Market.

What is your favorite motto or proverb?

Ricky Bobby: “if you are not the first, you are the last”.

What makes you happy?

Mojitos, bikes and my dog.

How do you want to be remembered?

As a person, you could go have a pint with it.

What future for Ronan Dunne?

I’m not sure what’s next, but I’m having fun like this, so I’m probably going to stick with that and keep running and having fun.

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